Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts and well wishes yesterday.

RM and Maki and Reservoir Mother-In-Law headed in to St Vincent’s Private at 11.30. I stayed home to be with Tyson and to pick Archie and Lewis up from school.

When Jack – Big Boss of The Nothern Dad’s Group – rang the day before to see if our house could be used as the venue this week I said yes thinking it would be a good distraction from looking at the clock and worrying about Maki all day.

So it was full day of entertaining and looking at the clock while wondering what was happening at the hospital and glancing at the iPhone every five minutes for updates from RM.

The whole time the possibility of disaster was hovering around in the many darkened corners of my brain-case. Reaction to anaesthetic, bleeding out, the accidental snicking of the spinal cord…

There was a period of time where I got that sick feeling in my guts. Maki had gone in to surgery around 2PM and RM and I had a chat on the phone while she had some lunch. She told me they’d come and get her when it was all over to sit with Maki in recovery and to be there when he came to. Then about an hour later I got this from RM

Still waiting. Probably in recovery. They will come and get me when he starts to wake up. Feel a bit nervous not knowing. But I’m sure he’s fine.

That was followed fifteen minutes later by

Heading down

I texted back just as Tyson and I were heading out the door to pick up Archie and Lewis to ask if he was okay because my jumbling semi-rational thought processes were conjuring images of a stern faced doctor appearing in the waiting room to say, ‘You’d better come with us’, followed by RM and Reservoir Mother-In-Law clasping each other tightly as they crept down a spiral staircase, the lights flickering off and dimming as they descended deeper and deeper into the bowels of the hospital…

When that relieving text arrived I got a euphoric rush I’d imagine is similar to snorting a long line of coke. Archie, Lewis, Tyson and I were traversing the school crossing and I stopped right in the middle to read

All good. Having a drink of breast milk and snoozing. All went well.

Ahhhh. The welling of emotion. The pulse of joy.

Life continues.

Maki’s Day In Hospital





With RM Just Before Surgery



In Recovery



Smiles. Lots of Attention.



Cruising The Hospital Wards

Bloody Hoons