Clearly, going by this self-quote, and checking out the dance video at the bottom of this post, Maki has inherited his aggressive flare for dance from me –

To look at me you’d think I was an extremely tired, frustrated unapproachable man with an angry expression but there is a disco inside my head and the mindset of Rambo and the combination of these two forces creates the most mortally dangerous and technically brilliant dancing machine the world has ever seen. I can massacre entire armies with my intense focus and raise them again with the smooth moves only available to those with one foot firmly planted in dance heaven. 

It’s In The Genes

*Originally seen in The Greatest Aussie Dad Blogs Of All Time

He broke out into dance at The Darebin Kite Festival last weekend and Reservoir Mum caught 30 seconds of natural talent. Things to watch out for –

  • An innate sense of timing
  • The John Travolta Strut
  • Free-styling arm movement 15 seconds in
  • Complete lack of timidity – when he’s in the groove he don’t care who knows it!

Prepare your awe…