Dads! Stick this song in your IPOD and listen to it while you change the sheets on the marital bed, or poof your wife’s pillows, or pick the lint from her favorite jumper, or fold her underwear and I challenge you NOT to fall more madly and deeply in love with her! You’ll be so crazy with lust you’ll be like a starving ferret in a rabbit burrow as soon as you see her cherub face again. And she’ll be so happy with the attention you’ve been heaping on her and the time you’ve allowed her by doing your share of the housework that she’ll grow teeth and claws and beady little eyes and match (even overwhelm!) your ferret-like intensity and you’ll be so hot for each other you’ll entwine your slinky long bodies together and fall to the floor to create a warm and furry little pile of love among the recently devoured rabbit carcasses.

Just listen to some of the sexual innuendos in these lyrics!

  • I want to be your sledgehammer (that’s to the point)
  • You could have a steam train if you’d just lay down your tracks
  • Open up your fruitcage where the fruit is sweet as can be


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