I hadn’t offered a housework time saving tip for over two weeks and so sat down with the laptop and an iPhone full of 80s hits and a mug holding enough coffee to snap my eyelids back like a pair of spring-loaded Venetians when the ping of an email alerted me to an occurrence of synchronicity.

A Housework Time-Saving Tip!

There, all bold and unread, was an email from RD reader Jen titled,


How To Reduce Housework By Not Ironing


Hi RD,

I’m sure you’re already aware of this technique, but I’m constantly surprised by how many people are not.

I have not ironed a single thing in years. How have I managed this? I only buy clothes that don’t require ironing! It is much easier than you think, and it’s getting easier all the time with new non-iron fabrics.

Many of my clothes actually specify “do not iron” on the labels. These are my favourites! As long as you give clothes a good shake and fold them as you take them off the line or out of the dryer, there is absolutely no need to iron anything ever again.

If we go to a wedding or funeral (not often) my husband sends his shirt to the cleaners. They do a better job than I ever did anyway. I cannot believe how much of my youth I wasted helping my Mum iron, and she thought she was reducing ironing by never ironing the tea towels or pillow slips. Ha!

Just don’t iron.

I’m sure I have saved numerous tons of greenhouse gases and helped to save the planet at the same time. We would all be better off without irons, except when they need to be used for making those little plastic beads stick together into mosaic pictures. 


Love mosaics! I sent an email back Jen right away –


You are brilliant Jen and I want to publish this as it is on my website this weekend. Would you be able to send me a picture of you not ironing?


And Jen sent an email back to me right away –


Thanks RD! I loved your other stories on how to reduce housework. Then we just finished a family trip to Japan and it reminded me because while we were travelling, people kept offering to lend me their irons, but nothing in our suitcases needed ironing, because none of our clothes ever do! More time for holidaying!

My kids got quite excited about sending you a photo of me not ironing. My son wanted to photograph me putting our ironing board in the bin. But I do still need it occasionally for arts and crafts, so I didn’t want to go that far. Instead I am sending you a photo from our trip to Japan.


I have to admit to getting a little moist in the eyes when I read the following housework time-saving paragraph….


I am wearing a top by Esprit and pants from David Jones, both of which say, “do not iron” on the label, and my daughter is wearing a frilly pink skirt from Big W which is also labelled “do not iron”. The rest of our clothes were not ironed by choice.


So cool. So, so cool.

Jen and her husband run their own business from home and so are both stay at home full time working parents. You can check out the very cool bags they import and sell online by going to Jump From Paper.

Thank you so much Jen for this excellent housework time-saving tip.

If you’re a reader who loves to smash housework myths send me your tips here.

Remember, housework is shit. You should do as little of it as possible.