As the years go by couples can lose focus on each other in the madness and rush that comes with kids and work and bills and repainting the cornices. It’s hard to maintain the level of intimacy that’s necessary for the continual renewal of a loving and passionate connection.

Have Sex More Often, And Joyously!

I’ve heard from many men who bemoan the loss of the physical intimacy they used to have with their wives. They talk of feeling unwanted, unloved and sexually unfulfilled.

That’s why I’ve made this short video.

In it you’ll find some simple but profound advice on how you can adapt to the modern world and become the new kind of ‘manly man’; the kind that seduces his wife twenty-four hours a day.

A man who has a healthy fear of Vagina Dentata. A man whose actions titillate his wife in an indirect but powerful way.

Follow this advice, men, and you’ll have sex with your wife more often, and joyously.