how-she-married-my-mother-1We’re on the way back from the Primary School Concert. Archie and Lewis are watching themselves on our iPhones and I’m swooning in the success of their performance.

‘I think that was the perfect warm up for the Rick Astley concert in November,’ I say.

RM laughs but I’m deadly serious, our boys were that good.

‘I was actually very emotional when the curtains opened and Lewis was there,’ I say.


‘I’m just so proud of them…’

‘Oh no,’ RM says. ‘Now you’re really turning in to your mother.’

I shrug, ‘Well, you know what they say – you marry a man who reminds you of their mother…’

RM pauses and says, ‘No they don’t. They say a woman marries a man who reminds them of their father, a man marries a woman who reminds them of their mother.’

I’m not sure I believe her and make a mental note to Wikipedia it when I get home. ‘That really can’t be what they say because you don’t remind me of my mother at all. If anything you remind me of your father. But I think I actually married you because you remind me of Susanah Hoffs from The Bangles. Shit, so are you saying you married me because I remind you of my mother?’

‘What? I didn’t even know your mother before I met you.’’

‘Yes,’ I say, thinking it through logically, ‘but you also didn’t know me before you met me. So let me ask you this RM… would you marry my mother now that you DO know her?’

RM seems to take some time to reflect deeply before patting me on the knee and saying, ‘I think I already have.’