julia-gillard-meets-reservoir-dadThere’s been a lot of hype and hysteria over the past few days about the Mummy Bloggers and Julia Gillard catching up for cuppa’s at Kirribilli House, and there was also some vitriolic back and forth between radio dudes and their guests, and then the question was raised – why were there no Daddy Bloggers knocking down tea and scones with Julia?

There was a lot of skirting around the issue and some dismissive comments made about male bloggers – a very popular Mummy Blogger even made a joke about ‘woodworking bloggers’ which I think was pretty low because some of my best friends are woodworking bloggers (And they’re a very sensitive bunch).

It hurts that the Mummy bloggers are turning their noses up at us. There are plenty of talented Daddy bloggers in Aus and our numbers are rising and for the most part it’s been an arm-over-the-shoulder thing with our Mummy blogger counterparts, all working toward the same goals, championing the same causes; our support for each other starting on the domestic frontline and carrying us right through life as we make our way to the big wigs and say, ‘Hey, big wigs! Look at US!’

This may be the first you’ve heard of an uprising of tension between the Mummy Bloggers and Daddy bloggers of Aus, and that’s probably because I am the first to have said it. And having been the person to start the fire and then the only person to have added fuel to it, I’d also like to be the first to quash the rumours by saying, categorically, that there is no tension. Just because I wrote it a minute ago doesn’t make it real. The rumours are untrue.

Anyway, the real reason that there were no Daddy bloggers at Kirribilli house yesterday – besides the fact that none of us got invited – was because we were too busy. You think we have time to jet around the world meeting well-dressed Prime Ministers? Shit no. We’re dedicating our time to more important things like making superbly choreographed dance videos, documenting our vasectomies, photo-shopping our heads into popular movie scenes.

Julia Gillard and her media guides are aware of this – don’t worry about that – and they’re not going to bother sending out invites when they know they’ll get a polite RSVP saying something like, ‘No thanks, I’m preparing a post to give away two House Husbands DVD’s that day.’

And that’s what I was doing and so I’d like to publicly thank Julia for not bothering me at such an important time, it’s very considerate… although… she has indirectly hijacked this give-away post and that on it’s own has got me off-side a bit and pushed me back into the realm of the ‘swinging voter.’

HOUSE-HUSBANDS-S1-DP28537-DVD-ORING-3D.jpgPfft. Enough of this.

To celebrate the release of House Husbands Season 1 to DVD from 13th December Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is giving away 2 House Husbands Season 1 DVDs.

Did you hear that? They haven’t even been released yet. A DVD pack will go straight from the warehouse to your house all crispy and new and warm up your lap like a cat!

Here’s how to win.

This post is acting as an open invitation to Julia Gillard to come around to my joint for tea and scones.

What’s a good question for a House Husband to ask a Prime Minister? Leave your question in the comments below and I’ll pick two winners.

(Bonus points for advising me on what to wear.)

Winners announced Monday 17th December.

* To read my reviews of House Husbands go here.

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