As a man who has played the supporting role in four pregnancies I was disappointed to read a guest post over at The Illiterate Infant dismissing Couvade Syndrome as an affliction of male weakness, very similar to the much maligned and rightly ridiculed ‘man-flu’.

Couvade Syndrome Is Real!

The author of the article Kelly, from A Study In Contradictions, described Couvade Syndrome as:

a proposed condition in which a partner experiences some of the same symptoms and behavior of an expectant mother…

The only change I’d make to that description is to remove the word proposed because Couvade Syndrome is real, brother! I’ve felt it directly as have many many men.

You can read Kelly’s article here (and wish her luck – baby two is due any day!) Below is my rebuttal and conclusive proof that men experience pregnancy on an emotional and physical level.