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When I was a little boy around the ages of three to seven I was a boat centered obsessive – maybe kicked off by the fact that my Dad owned a fishing boat – with war ships for the bath and a poster of a ship hanging from my bedroom wall.

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I had several versions of Peter Pan story books just because I was so into Captain Hook’s ship ‘Jolly Roger’ and, ship man, I even had ship cake for my fourth birthday and a selection of pirate uniforms to use while I stood at the bow of the couch searching the lounge-room-seas for bounty-rich vessels to commandeer.

When I was offered the opportunity to receive the first ten issues of Deagostini’s Sovereign Of The Seas modeling series I was suddenly navigating the high seas of nostalgia especially after going to their website – see the finished product and reading this…

This superb model of HMS Sovereign of the Seas is an exact and detailed replica, measuring more than 110cm in length. The high-quality materials supplied, and the accurate reproduction of every detail, including the sumptuous decorations, will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding modeler.

I can’t deny I was a little shivering with excitement but at the same time I had current lifestyle issues to consider – being a stay at home Dad to four boys ages 2 to 9 meant that time would be limited and there was always the potential for the model to be struck by a toddler shaped canon ball somewhere along the way. And the last time I attempted a model with Archie and Lewis – over two years ago – they got bored and drifted off towards the Wii or the trampoline while I lost myself in the instructional diagrams and the creative, meditative world of glue and sandpaper and modeling paint.

I finally decided to accept the offer simply because, check it out, that’s a huge ship! A behemoth! A Beauty!


And still being a lover of a great story was totally hooked on the glossy magazines booklet delivered with each kit detailing the history of the most powerful warship of the 17th century.

The pack arrived at my door and after designating a place in the garage where I could store the ship in between bouts of construction I gathered the boys around to check out some of the pictures and the glossy poster and let them know that they could help me build it if they were in to it at all but that we had to be careful and patient because this was a long term project and if they wrecked it or made the experience too difficult that I would be searching the classifieds of the paper to find them all fulltime jobs in the mines of Western Australia.

Last week I woke on a Saturday morning and set the kids up with their usual screen time and sat down at the kitchen table to open the first kit. I unfolded the poster, opened the sealed pack of the very first modeling pieces and then lost fifteen minutes honing my focus with a strong coffee and reading about the origins of the HMS Sovereign in the magazine.

Predictably I was several steps into construction before there was a fight and a mouth to feed and so I was up and away from the table to referee and get some toast for Tyson when I turned around to see this.


To see Tyson sitting still and being patient for more than a minute is as amazing as, I don’t know, watching Justin Bieber patiently knit a cardigan for Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua.

While I was heaping praise on Tyson for this Archie and Lewis wandered over and while Archie was soon back in front of the Wii, having secured the poster for a place on his bedroom wall, Lewis stayed with it, and we worked together for an hour.

Even Maki was interested and in to it!

There is still a long way to go but we’ve scheduled in Saturday mornings for screen time and ship building and already talking about where we’ll display the finished product and now I’d like to pass this rewarding project over to you.


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