Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not receiving any payment. I am simply passing on a great prize – a Kidcraft Espresso Kitchen ($379) – to a lucky reader and promoting my favorite toy store. Go for it!


Because it’s 10.40PM Sunday night and my four year old is sick with an illness I (for once) have passed on to him I am struggling to find an entertaining way to introduce the great opportunity that has been made available to a Reservoir Dad reader thanks to the generosity of Karen Donald; owner of the greatest toy shop in the world The Walrus And The Carpenter Toy store.

Easy To Enter!

To be productive while I’m waiting for the creative juices to start flowing I text Karen and ask her to send a photo of herself to include in the give-away post. Three seconds later she replies with a picture of Michelle Williams and her humour gives me a bit of a buzz.

I’m writing a shit-crazy post, I text back. You’ve got a good sense of humour haven’t you?

Give-away 001

Even before I have hit send I receive another message from Karen, written to accompany the photo, which answers my question.

That’s an action shot at Krispy Kreme. I generally turn to doughnuts when I neither look like Michelle Williams or have had sex.

I’m suddenly starting to formulate an idea for the introduction of this give-away post and I am struck with an excitement-born nausea as I read another text from Karen that arrives only seconds after the last.

Oh, did you think I was the Michelle Williams pic? My hairdresser promised me that I’d look like her once he’d finished cutting my hair. He also promised me I would definitely get laid with my new haircut. Ahem. Neither of his statements were true.

I’m giggling now as I text back, Haha. You know I’ll be including all this don’t you?

There are many reasons I consider Karen’s toy store to be the best in the world but the main reason is Karen herself. She’s Scottish but, apart from that, is funny, generous and genuine.

But it’s as I’m reading her last text for the night that I become aware of the real reason that I – and many of her regular and loyal customers – love going to her store.

Give-away 002
And here’s a picture of the real Karen. I’m sure you’ll agree that she is eminently more lay-able than scrappy-looking Michelle Williams. And even better than lay-abilty is laugh-abilty, and Karen wins on the front as well.

Now that’s a good intro! And on to the give-away.

Karen, from the Warlus And Carpenter Toy Store, 771 Nicholson St Carlton North, has offered this amazing gift for a Reservoir Dad reader:

The KidKraft Espresso Kitchen ($379)

It’s such an amazing toy. I’m so excited I can hardly feel my legs. Just look at the cordless phone, the innovative speckled countertop design, the chalkboard surface on the freezer. And – oh my god – it weighs thirty kilograms; that’s a lotta toy and a lotta joy for your kids.

And here’s how you can win it. Simply:

1. LIKE both the Reservoir Dad and The Walrus And The Carpenter Facebook Pages.
2. Enter using the box below.
3. Just say hello to Karen on her Facebook Page and tell her why she’s a better catch than Michelle Williams. Karen will pick her favorite response!


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Winner announced here Friday 10 May!