Dyson-Animal-Vacuum-HandheldDamon and Rachel have gone mad. Damon and Rachel have gone MAD!!

Staff members Damon Young and Rachel Power have put in another all-nighter sorting through mentally sexy entries and, as crazy as it seems, have decided to give away our third bonus prize to a lucky Dad.

All other entries currently up on the 2011 Most Mentally Sexy Dad page, whose entries have not been scored in the Top 5, are still in the running to win the other Dyson Handheld Animal Vacuum we have to give away.

So here we go. The winner of the fourth Bonus Prize – a Dyson Animal Handheld Vacuum vauled at $349 – is

Mentally Sexy Scott

(click on picture to see full entry)


Here’s what Damon an Rachel had to say – “The man is clearly a paternal superhero, with magical rabbit-ear powers – he obviously inspires love, respect, gratitude and laughter in his wife. And his hair demonstrates serious labour..”

Congratulations to Scott and Celine. The most powerful handheld vacuum will be on it’s way to you shortly.