For this week’s Fantasy Foto I thought I’d hijack the Mum’s Lounge Facebook Page and place myself in their hugely popular segment: Arsenic Hour.

Arsenic Hour basically amounts to a ‘drool pic’ of a male celebrity hottie. It allows a Mum to disassociate from her day-to-day mayhem and recharge courtesy of her deviant base chakra and all the earthy things it offers.

I always click over to see the Arsenic Hour pic in the hope that it’s me and, so far, I’ve been bitterly disappointed. I’m thinking I haven’t made it yet because I’m the pinnacle and when they put me up every other male pic to follow will be a bit of an anticlimax. So they’re holding out. I mean, is there anything hotter than a man who can wrangle four kids, make school lunches, bottle feed and rock an infant to sleep, time-out a toddler, ready two boys for school, cook, clean and all that jazz!

Okay, possibly Hugh Jackman is hotter than that. But only just.

So, here’s my fantasy foto for this week. I’ve nabbed the Hugh Jackman pic that Mum’s Lounge used for Arsenic Hour some weeks back. I’ve taken Hugh’s body because I think my head is good-looking enough as is. That’s my I’m running boyishly though the ocean spray face.

Wow. What a relief. Finally made it to Arsenic Hour. Alright!


You can see the original Hugh Jackman pic and all the saucy comments at Mum’s Lounge here.