*Click on the photo to see the adult sized version of Tyson the mini bogan.

Every period of time has a significant event or moment that comes to define it. Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1440, the release of the Etcha-sketch in 1959, the soft thud of a human foot landing on the surface of the moon in 1969 are moments that will be discussed around water coolers and their technologically advanced equivalents for the rest of human history.

Where Were You When This Went Live?

We can now add another event to that historical chain of significance – 24 January 2014; the day the first Fanging It Friday video was released to the public.

Billions of people from future generations are now destined to ask Do you remember where you were when RD did FIF-1? not because they are really so interested in the stories of others, but just because they’ll be bursting at the seams to give their own account of this significant day.

To let you in on a few little secrets before you lose yourself in the video below.

  1. At this particular point in time I have twenty four song requests. That’s enough for two CDs!
  2. Post Production company 77Post are coming on board in the next month to help me make even more technologically advanced videos of myself. Please visit their Facebook Page.
  3. Mylight are giving away a monthly prize to Fanging It Friday fans. A personalised night light worth $125. Please visit their Facebook Page. I’m getting my own personalised light for my writing desk and will bring you more details about this awesome company in the next few weeks. To go into the monthly draw you simply have to nominate your favourite song for me to sing by leaving a comment below or on the Reservoir Dad Facebook Page.
  4. A celebrity has already expressed interest in making a guest appearance in my Tarago. Please visit his Twitter account.

This week’s song, ‘You’re The Voice’ by John Farnham, was requested by Dr Chris Gibbons.

Prepare yourself. Remeber where you are…