Yesterday the Northern Dad’s Group gathered for the usual Friday shindig but there was a bit more pep in our step because Channel 10 producer Samantha Hastie was turning up with Nova 100 Announcer and Mentally Sexy Celebrity Dad Dylan Lewis to film a segment for the popular morning show The Circle. (Click on pic to the left for full size)

It was great fun. We took off on foot to the local Allard Park and did our best to act naturally as Dylan, Samantha and The Circle TV crew interviewed several of us, asking questions about being a Dad, how the role was changing and the importance of groups/social networks for stay at home parents. Dylan was great. His way of interviewing put us all at ease, took our focus away from the TV crew, and made it seem like we were just engaged in a friendly conversation.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him though. After interviewing people like Kylie Minogue, Bjork, Boys2Men, Russell Crowe, Metallica, Oasis, and Billy Zane he must have had a sleepless night before interviewing Reservoir Dad and the NDG crew. But we took it easy on him.

An unidentified Dad turned up with his daughter during the filming and looked a bit perplexed at the other eight Dads at the park. Had to laugh when one of the camera men was getting some footage of him pushing his kid on a swing. Never seen a stiffer looking swing-pusher. I made sure to tell him to watch The Circle next week to see if he made the cut. He seemed pretty pleased.

Also, one of the camera men was named Clint (also my name). At one point Samantha said, ‘So, Clint how do you want to shoot this?’ and I got an immediate rush of nerves and said, ‘Stuffed if I know!’

So there you have it. Watch The Circle next Wednesday 27 July. Our segment will open with some of the footage shot yesterday and will lead in to The Circle hosts (who are part of the 2011 Mentally Sexy Judging panel) interviewing Dylan on the couch.

As we were leaving, Dylan mentioned how he’d love to come to the Northern Dad’s Group but it clashes with his daughter’s dancing lessons. I just want to say – Dylan, come along, the Dad’s Group will teach Rose how to dance!!

Andrew, Dylan, and me. The sun was angry that day my friends – (Thanks George)



NDG Regulars Jack and Dad with Dylan and The Circle TV crew



Dan with The Circle producer Sam Hastie


Me and Tyson with the camera man Clint (cool dude)