I used to wonder how certain streams of attention came my way and I’d hang up the phone or reply to an email and think ‘Wow, what led them to contact me about this subject?’ but I eventually worked it out. Inevitably, after a bit of research, or just by asking the correspondent directly I would trace the initial interest back to a time when I took my pants off. 

When I ran the Mentally Sexy Competition through this website I ended up front page of the local paper wearing one pair of tight black underwear while holding my child in one arm and a vacuum in the other. This led to a lot more attention (especially at school drop-off and pick-up) and inspired hundreds of women to take photos of their scantily-clad men engaged in household chores.

I hear chuckles and get strange looks from the old dudes in the spa whenever I take my kids to the local pool these days and that can be traced directly back to this hideous scene. Taken directly from my book –

Wet towels. Debris stuck to my foot that feels like cigarette butts and mouse poo. I line up my wet arse with a dozen hairy old men’s arses in the change rooms. My cold wet jocks stick to my ankles. I can’t kick them off. I resign myself to bending over and nearly fall. For one of the few times in its life – before I regain my footing and clamp up – my anus is exposed to the cold air. The old men chuckle…

And when you think about it, taking my pants off is what led to the constant 24/7 streams of attention I get from my children; the inquisitive Archie, comedian/satirist Lewis, the indefatigable Tyson and the currently two year old manic Maki. Though to be fair, in this case only, I probably have to give some credit to the Reservoir Mum for also taking her pants off.

So when Death Sex and Money journalist/radio personality Anna Sale from WNYC, New York Public Radio, contacted me I knew right away, even before she mentioned my public vasectomy, that she first encountered me while I was in a state of pants-lessness and I was agreeing to being interviewed about my relationship with the affable vasectomist Dr Snip before Anna had even stopped laughing.  

The interview was a couple of months ago and was only just released yesterday but I can say, even while wearing these restrictive and chaffing tracksuit pants, that it was well worth the wait. It was a fun relaxed interview and they’ve put together a great show! Here it is…


Alpha Dad Gets Snipped!



Check out the full vasectomy video with Dr Snip and Nurse Jane at the Death Sex And Money and read more about it by purchasing the book Reservoir Dad.