We were privileged to get a glimpse inside the Guinea Pigs inner sanctum this week as they ran through a grueling session with Australian Calisthenics Champion D-Wayne. The GPs continue to set the standards in innovative training techniques and this is widely regarded as the reason for their recent form turn-around. After beating The Librarians last week The GPs are now only a few percentage points away from claiming top spot from the Bundoora Bird Watchers.

D-Wayne believes the GPs have what it takes to win this year’s flag. ‘They responded so well today. My sessions are some of the most brutal I have ever seen. I’m like a fair dinkum smiling assassin. People look at me, and I’m like all calm, but in the back of their mind they know I could kill them with a single move.’

Below we have some footage of D-Wayne’s brutal training session. (Links to past training session can be seen at the end of this article.)