From ClearScreen’s Paul Gooden – This week’s Dad of the Week is James. The entry was submitted by new mum and fiancé Sammi. It is an absolutely beautiful story of love, family and dedication. Here’s a sample –

The day Jakson was due to be born was amazing. I was scheduled at 12.30 for a CS, but didn’t even go into the theatre until 4.30pm. James was frantic, I was in there over two hours and after being told it would only take forty-five minutes was starting to think the worst.

By the time I was out of recovery he had bloodshot eyes… could not stop crying as he fed and changed our son for the first time ever.

We found out Jakson was quite ill when he was forty-eight hours old and being given the run-around led to my frustration. James was there to talk to the doctors and nurses and keep me calm. It worked.

At eight weeks we had to give ‘our precious gift’ blood thinners. It was so hard and every time I gave the needle I was embraced with a hugeeeeee hug and was told that I was a wonderful mum.

For the record I was not crying when I read the story. I explained to my wife it was just my hay fever.

Congratulations to James, Sammi and Jakson. A beautiful story and a beautiful family.

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To read James’s full entry check go here.