From ClearScreen’s Paul Gooden – “The weather down South has been cold over the past three months. So miserable that I almost don’t want to select a Victorian as ClearScreen’s “Dad of the week”. I feel like if the weekly winner is a Victorian I should send him some gloves or a scarf instead!

This week however it is hard to go past Daniel E’s entry…..even if he is Victorian.

Daniel was a dad for the first time at 21 and now has three lovely boys. Nicole tells the story that Daniel unashamedly cried at the birth of each child. Dan you are not alone. When my kids were born my father told me that it takes $200,000 to raise each child to adult hood… I cried when each of my kids were born too.

Daniel and Nicole’s older two boys are now into sport. Daniel coaches In2Cricket and Auskick as well as being a loving a supporting Dad. So congratulations for being ClearScreen’s “Dad of the week”. We will be sending you a box of 50 clearscreen sunscreen wipes for when the Sun starts to shine again in Victoria during Cricket season.”

A sample from the entry submitted by Daniel’s wife, Nicole – 

Our eldest son who is 7 is currently going through a diagnosis for Aspergers Syndrome. Dan has been completely hands-on in meeting with his teacher and being present for the psychology session. When these people ask Dan how he is coping with it all he always replies “Well, it’s not about me. I just want to be there for my son”.

I believe my hubby is the poster boy for being ‘mentally sexy’ and he’s pretty spunky to look at too! 🙂

To read Daniel’s full entry go here.