From ClearScreen’s Paul Gooden – “Alan is truly a thoughtful, loving father and husband. Reading Deb’s entry sent a shiver down my spine just remembering the sleepless nights!

He cooks cleans, does the dishes, laundry and keeps the family finances in order. On top of that he is also thoughful, romantic and surprises Deb with lovely gifts.

Well today Alan we would like to surprise you. Congratulations you have been chosen as Clearscreen’s Dad of the week and we will be sending you a surprise for a change!”

A sample from the entry submitted by Alan’s wife, Deb – 

Wow, where do I start and what’s my word limit?

Alan was great from before the beginning with our daughter, every Saturday and Sunday I got a sleep in because he would hear her wake up and sneak her out, letting me sleep. As soon as she night-weaned he took on all night duties, and later when I was pregnant with our second he got her up and breakfasted every morning before heading to work…

Congratulations Alan and Deb! $100 worth of ClearScreen Suncreen wipes are on their way to your joint!

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