TattooI’m not the greatest cook. That’s no secret. I wish someone else would cook for me – a Brazilian maid or an undersized Frenchman like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. That’s not really a secret either.

Here’s a secret – I hate those weasel-faced chefs from Master Chef. They’re always over-animated when they talk, rolling onto the balls of their feet with each syllable, and the top of their heads move instead of their jaws. They’re like freaky Muppets and I won’t stand for it.

I will stand for Chef Bill though. He’s less attention hungry (just check out his biceps pose), has a more mobile jaw and is a much better cook than those Master Chef celebrity types. He’s going to provide me with some great recipes so that I can learn a thing or two. If you’re a food-slash-cooking lover you can check in on Chef Bill’s recipes as well. They’ll be appearing here regularly under the tag Bill’s Banquet. (The link up top will be working shortly)

Come back tomorrow for the first recipe. Until then, here’s a bit about Bill… ~ RD.


Chef Bill’s Bio

ChefBillI began cooking chiefly because I love to eat. My dad was a huge influence growing up, he was the main cook in our house, and he’s still the first person I turn to for advice if I’m working on something that won’t turn out right.

He taught me and my brothers to be confident in the kitchen. We learned early on that, with a good grasp of the fundamentals, and a knowledge of what flavours work together, we could make pretty much anything from scratch.

I subsisted for most of my 20s on a steady diet of beer and takeaway, and it wasn’t until I moved in with the woman who’s now my wife that I really started to cook in earnest.

She bought me my first serious knife (a Global 27cm chef’s knife), and we’ve spent the last 10 years cooking for each other, and now our two kids.

My culinary heroes are people who don’t overthink food, I love Tony Bourdain, and Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion is one of my cooking bibles, especially because of the egalitarian attitude it espouses.’

My favourite dishes depend on the season, but I generally favour simple food, with big, robust flavours.

Now, let’s cook!