The usual Friday Date Night had to be postponed due to a rendezvous I’d been roped into with ex work mates at the Peacock Hotel and then Reservoir Mum had to head over to Adelaide for her cousin’s engagement party, leaving Saturday morning and not returning till Sunday afternoon, and so I was left feeling both amorous and sad.

I really wanted to write a short post or an epic poem for her to show her how much I missed her but then I was listening to Daniel by Elton John in the Tarago today on the way home from a McDonald’s birthday party and I realised that the chorus – with a few small changes – said everything I wanted to say.

So. Below, in the chorus of Daniel, is my dedication to RM. I’m pretty sure she’ll like it. (Slight changes to lines in brackets). 

Daniel my brother (RM my wife)
You are older than me (you are younger than me)
Do you still feel the pain (do you want to change)
Of the scars that won’t heal (date night to tonight?)
Your eyes have died (I downloaded a romantic comedy)
But you see more than I (that I’ll sit through for sex)
Daniel you’re a star (RM you’re the best)
In the face of the sky (chuck out the rest)