Giving stuff away is a tough and emotionally conflicting gig. On the one hand you’re excited to reward a great entry with a great prize but on the other hand you feel like you’re letting every other contestant down. Because let’s be honest – even though we’ve built this idea into a contest to help promote what we reckon is a very positive message, the bottom line is that every entry is a winner.

In the end we’re simply celebrating great Dads who do what they think is best for their families and think that gender role stereotypes were only created to provide gags for 1950’s sitcoms. They’re also having a bit of fun and providing some great male role models. As Judge Steve Biddulph said ‘examples of people who have got there, as the Pilbara man and so many of the other examples showed, helps others make that leap. Role models are everything in life.’

DamonYougPortrait_in_UndiesRachel_author_pic_2010So you can see how difficult it to choose one Dad out of this inspiring lot. It can lead to sleepless nights, torn notepads, empty buckets of ice-cream, stomach ulcers, surgery and a prescription to ‘just get away from it all for a while’. That’s why I was very deliberate in passing this torturous task on to others so that I can sit back, chew on some popcorn, and question their decisions like all the other viewers. The weight of responsibility for the bonus prizes falls squarely on the shoulders of staff members Damon Young (right) and Rachel Power (left). Poor bastards.

Just to let everyone know, winners of the bonus prizes are still eligible to make the Top Five and win the comp and associated prizes. All other entries currently up on the 2011 Most Mentally Sexy Dad page are also still in the running to win the four other Dyson Handheld Animal Vacuums we have to give away. They will be given away at random whenever Damon and Rachel feel moved to choose a winner. So make sure you get your entry in now if you’ve been putting it off. You don’t want to miss out.

So here we go. The winner of the first firt Bonus Prize – the Dyson Animal Handheld Vacuum vauled at $349 – is

Mentally Sexy Andrew

(Click on Anthony’s photo to see the full entry)




Here’s what Damon and Rachel had to say- ‘Anthony’s entry, submitted by wife Wendy, is clear, smart and a clever use of figures and repetition for comic effect. The photo is gutsy, too.’

Congratulations Anthony and Wendy. Very well done. The most powerful hand-held vacuum will be on its way to you shortly. Here’s a great 80s classic that I think captures the energy of your entry perfectly.