Apparently my Facebook and website Badge (top left) make me look like a mafia dude, not a Dad. So say some of my readers. I’d just like to make it clear that I may not be presenting photos of myself saving puppies from drains, or taking pictures of myself with fluffy toys or dancing with toddler in arms at playgroups but I am a caring Dad by at least a few peoples standards.

However, I am also a reasonable man and to appease those offended my Sopranos-like appearance I am offering up some other pics that not only prove that I am a caring person but also show the lengths that I go to be of service to others.

Let me know if you like any of these (very personal) photos. If there is enough response I may consider replacing the current picture.


Here I am raising a species I don’t even belong to!



This is me circa 1990, helping a young lady to fashion a nice pot out of clay.



Finally, here I am in my teens, selflessly helping an alien to find his Mum and Dad