StoryAfter the usual nightly struggle to get Archie and Lewis to bed – teeth brushing, wrestling into pyjamas, squealing, hollering, hiding, bounding on the bed, book reading, several toilet and drink breaks, a few fights – they are still so wound up and giggly and crazy that I decide to try something new to settle them. I bring out the IPOD and ask them to tell me a story which I will record as proof of their creative genius. I envision them entering a semi-meditative state to access the subconscious and deliver me two amazing stories before falling gently to their pillows for a deep, peaceful sleep. Here’s how it turned out. (Click on links to listen.)

Archie’s story

  Plot: A baby dragon goes on a long, arduous search for his Mummy and Daddy. On this exciting, emotionally charged journey of self discovery he seeks counsel with a T-REX and an adult Dragon but it is only after going to a show and turning into a dinosaur that he can find his missing parents and, finally, himself.


Archie: One day a little dragon lost his Mummy and Daddy, so he looked and he fff…

Lewis: Dad…

Reservoir Dad : Shhh… Archie’s turn…

Archie: And he looked and he looked and he looked for his Mummy but he couldn’t find him so he, um, asked… ahh… T-Rex and he said, ‘Do you know where my Mummy is T-Rex?’ and the T-Rex said, ‘No.’ So he went looking again.

RD (pause): And then what happened?

Archie: And when he came to a dragon…

RD: Yeah…


Archie: Um, he said… ‘Do you know where my Mummy and Daddy are?’ And the dragon said, ‘Yes!’

RD: Where were they?

Lewis: (pointing to the IPOD): It stopped…

RD: Hang on… nah… it’s still going Lewis.

Archie: And the Dragon said, ‘They’re near the tree eating leaves.’

RD: Cool.

Archie: So the baby went to the trees and he ran and he ran and he ran because he… had to go to a show.

RD: Wasn’t he going to look for his Mum and Dad?

Archie: Yeah, his Mum and Dad have to pick him, um, have to, um, go to the show and give him… go to the show and drive him there.

RD: Ohhhh…. excellent. Is that the end?

Archie: And the baby dinosaur found his Mummy and Daddy after all. The End.

RD: Good work Arch.

Lewis’s Story


Plot: After eating a willy, the flippy dragon finds himself the target of a revenge-seeking bum.



RD: Okay, your turn Lewis.

Lewis: So when the draga… (laughing)

RD: (bloody mobile phone rings): Your turn… it’s your turn.

Lewis: When the dragon (laughing) ate a willy (laughing).

RD: Hey… hey try not to jump…

Lewis: And the bum ate him.

(Lewis and Archie laughing).

RD: (desperately): Nah, come on tell us a real story. You’re good at stories.

Lewis: Okay. When the rocket… (indecipherable. More laughter.)

RD: Come on Lewy. Nah… stop jumping… (bloody text message). Come on. Tell us a story. Go. A good story.

Lewis: Once upon… I heared a phone.

RD: Yeah, that’s alright.

Lewis: And a bum came ate the big story!

RD: What?

Lewis: (Archie laughing) And when the bum ate the story, the end.

RD: Is that it?

Lewis: Nah, and when the bum ate… (Archie and Lewis laughing). And when the bum ate, and when the bum ate…

RD: When the bum ate what?

Lewis: And when the bum ate and ate and ate THE FLIPPY DRAGON. (laughter)

RD: Okay, say the end.

Lewis: And The End pop-off.

RD: Good boy.

(Archie clapping)

Lewis: I want to listen to it.

The Archie/Lewis Combo Story

Plot and transcript – It’s beyond me. The first person to come up with a plot for this story and transcribe it will win a hand-crafted wooden Jigsaw puzzle donated by Melbourne’s The Carpenter and The Walrus.