Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2010

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Congratulations to Jason. He nudged out Tim by a meager three points! And the top five were only separated by a total of 15. It was incredibly close and a tough job for the judges.

Here’s what Mentally Sexy Judge Rebecca Harris had to say about his entry –

“Wow – what a hard choice, they are all so amazing for what they do for the everyday running of life and supporting their partner, obviously with joy in their hearts and terrific commitment….  But I can’t go past a guy who takes time off work, books his wife a weekend away with the girls and looks after his daughter, writes poetry while he’s away working, and makes “mum” rhyme with ‘awesome’. Epic.”

From Judge Maureen Matthews

‘All the guys in this comp were fabulous, and the final five were super-lovely, each in different ways. It is wonderful that so many Dad’s are ‘man’ enough to care for their loved-ones. Jason combined his hard work and selfless devotion with a clear desire for his beautiful wife that spiced his entry with the sexiness that made him a clear winner. Well done Jason.’

And from Judge Rachel Power

“What stood out about Jason was hearing how much his family’s happiness means to him. Here’s a man who says that when he’s working 12 hour days, he feels guilty that his wife’s at home not “getting a break”. He actually recognises how intense it is being home with a child full time—how much emotional energy and strategising is required—and has actively decided to take that on, even though this is not really the norm where they live in the Pilberra…

Jason is really breaking the mould. He’s really had to ignore criticism from other men in order to be the kind of man he’s determined to be. (I have to admit, I had not heard of the term ‘pink jobs’ versus ‘blue jobs’ before reading Jason’s entry!). And anyone who’s checked out Jason on the website can see that it doesn’t seem to have affected his masculinity.”

Jasfam2Jason offered us this –

“I am extremely excited about winning the competition, though more over, I’m thrilled and proud to be among so many other fantastic blokes who aren’t afraid to go against the grain, challenging stereotypes and proudly putting their families first.

Well done to all the guys for simply being who they are, and being a huge part in ensuring their families are strong and that they have loving and nurturing environments to benefit not only the kids but also their relationship with their partners.

Jasfam1I know there’s been some controversy by some who think the comp promotes a ‘sex as reward’ mentality but obviously they’re just not getting it. I don’t feel obligated to do what I do, and don’t think of or anticipate any kind of sexual reward by slinging the vacuum cleaner around or doing other jobs. Simply my girls – my wife Mel and daughter Summer – are my world. I love them to bits and enjoy just hanging out with them most of all which I can do more of when the house work is done.”