Today I’m very happy to include a post by Dads’ Club founder Dave Woolbank. Dads’ Club is an Australian site and a great place for Dads offering useful information, advice and support for new Dads, Dads of boys, Dads of girls, single Dads, Grandads, all Dads. Dave has pulled in some great Australian writers and has created a welcoming, easy to navigate site where Dads can ask some questions, offer advice, learn from each other and have some fun. It really is an amazing site and I can’t recommend it enough. Head over and check it out. Thanks Dave – RD.


One can never truly know a role, unless one has rolled up the sleeves and done it for some time. Becoming a dad is easier than being one and being a stay-at-home-dad can open up a whole new world. Tell me if you relate to this…

Surviving kids 7am to 7pm with little adult stimulation can truly put your sanity at risk. But even worse, in my mind, is the playground mind-games by many of the parents. For a short time I thought I could find adult stimulation at drop-off and pick-up, but my world there is bombarded with many Loopy Lou’s, Mad Mary’s and a couple of  Mental Max’s.

My favorite is the over-controlling Mum who runs the P&C, fete, cake stall and carnivals, then steps up to co-ordinate Rudd’s stimulation constructions whilst perennially brown-nosing the teachers with the focused agenda of cherry picking her kids’ class and team peers. She has mapped out her kids lives and friends. Her wicked tongue lashes criticism on all who are not in her immediate audience…freaky stuff!

It was clear the Loopy Lou’s, Mad Mary’s and Mental Max’s were not going to be my fountain of parenting advice. This revelation coupled with the insight that the vast majority of Dads want to be active and involved parents, but sometimes don’t know where to turn to for practical, non-judgmental and entertaining information, saw me set up Dads Club.

The site delivers practical information without any fluff, is written by Dads for Dads and does not push any fatherhood issues.

The site features contributions from expert and famous Dads plus ordinary Dads who have assembled a wide range of expertise on Dads stuff. You can meet like-minded folk and avoid your Mad Mary’s, Loopy Lou’s and Mad Max’s

Dad’s Club is the perfect place for Aussie Dads who want to do more with their kids.