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Mentally Sexy Ian



Mentally Sexy Julian



Mentally Sexy Jeff M



Mentally Sexy Rob (Cocky’s Joy)



Mentally Sexy Sam 



A big Happy Father’s Day to all 73 entrants in this year’s competition.

And congratulations to this year’s Top Five! I will be sending out an email to the each of you over the next few days. Thanks to supporter of the 2011 Competition, Dyson, you have all won a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner, with accessories, valued at $949.

The Top Five were selected based on the total votes from our Mentally Sexy Judges – Maureen MatthewsKate HunterSteve Biddulph and The Circle Crew from Channel 10. It was incredibly tight with the top 15 within 20 points of each other.

To all the other entrants and their families – thank you and congratulations. I hope you’ll continue to support the competition and stay involved over the remaining few weeks. Giving stuff away is a tough and emotionally conflicting gig. On the one hand you’re excited to reward great entries with a great prizes but on the other hand you feel like you’re letting every other contestant down. Because let’s be honest – even though we’ve built this idea into a contest to help promote what we reckon is a very positive message, the bottom line is that every entry is a winner.

In the end we’re simply celebrating great Dads who do what they think is best for their families and think that gender role stereotypes were only created to provide gags for 1950’s sitcoms. They’re also having a bit of fun and providing some great male role models. 

If your entry is not in the Top 5 you are still a chance to win the remaining prizes. (See below).

The winner will be announced here at Reservoir Dad next Sunday, September 11. The winner will be able to add a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599) to his prize pool but more importantly will carry the title of Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2011.

The very next day, September 12, he will join renowned Australian author and psychologist Steve Biddulph for interview on Radio National Life Matters.


Prizes Available to Contestants Outside The Top Five


  • The People’s Choice Award which will be awarded to the entry with the most star votes on their ‘Mentally Sexy Meter’. This voting system can be found on your entry page in the top right-hand corner. This will stay open until September 23. If there is a draw we will then look to the average to decide the winner. The prize for the winner this year is a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599)
  • Free Mentally Sexy T-Shirts – Every entrant will receive a t-shirt. If you participated in the Mentally Sexy Social Media Driveyou will also receive a t-shirt. I will send them off as soon as I get a spare afternoon to write labels and stuff enveloipes.