After 10 months of hard work and good fun, 73 mentally sexy entries from all over Australia, the invaluable contributions from judges, writers, sponsors, community groups, journalists and volunteers, we finally have our winner.

As it’s always hard to find a ‘winner’ in a competition like this – where every entrant is celebrated and the main purpose is to promote a positive message – a scoring system was developed to rank the Mentally Sexy Entries. Our Mentally Sexy Judges first narrowed the field down to a Top Five – Ian, Jeff M, Rob, Julian and Sam.

At the end of voting there was a total of six points separating the top five in total. It was close!

But there was a clear winner and we can now announce Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad for 2011. Here he is –


Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2011

(Read his entry here)




Congratulations to Rob! He can add a Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan to his prize pool and join last year’s winner Jason to form an elite group of two.

Tune into Radio National Life Matters tomorrow morning at 9am to hear Rob and wife Colette talking with Richard Aedy and Mentally Sexy Judge Kate Hunter.

And come back tomorrow for the 2011 Mentally Sexy Wrap-Up post and to see who won the final Handheld Animal Vacuum from Dyson.

Now let’s see how Rob responds to the the Staff’s questions.



Robwithkids1Damon YoungHow have you failed as a parent?

I’ve lost my temper and allowed my emotions to control my actions.

Paul Gooden: Who is your favorite Wiggle and why? You must name the Wiggle and color.  

Call me unaustralian, but we’re just not that in to the wiggles.  I tried the boys on a youtube clip of the Cockroaches and got exactly the same level of enthusiasm. It would seem the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That said you’ve gotta admire Jeff for being able to fall asleep anywhere anytime… standing up

Maureen Matthews: Do you feel equally confident parenting boys and girls?

Yes, I would feel confident parenting either sex. However I have boys and I must say I’m very comfortable with that. I’m very disturbed by the aggressive manner in which children are marketed to especially girls. This is the part of parenting I’m not looking forward to tackling as they get older. The idea of Bratz dolls leaves me cold!

RobandfamilyKate Hunter: Do you ever wish you were a father in an earlier generation? Which one and why?

No, I recon the current generation gives me the greatest freedom to parent in an informed and proactive way.

Steve Biddulph: What is the biggest satisfaction you get from being a father?

The satisfaction of watching them discover the world, day by day.

Jack Ellis: How does your parenting compare with the parenting you received?

My parent’s parenting style was representative of their own experiences and their own strengths and weaknesses (as is mine). I’ve learnt a lot about being a parent from my parents, both what and what not to do.

Robfathersday2Dan Barron: Is there anything that you think the Government, or employers, could be doing to encourage other fathers to take a more active role in household chores, and the direct care of their children, like the Mentally Sexy dads do?

Can you legislate to change stigma? It’s one thing to be allowed to ask for time off to be with your children, it’s another thing entirely for fathers to have the confidence to face the peer pressure often seen in all male work and social situations and be confident enough to prioritize parenting over more traditionally masculine pursuits.

Reservoir Dad: What’s your favorite Rick Astley song?

Sorry Clint, you’ve lost me. Can I take the physical challenge?

(Yes, ten laps, twenty burpees and a full night dancing at a Blue Light Disco to a Rick Astley Megamix! Congrats Rob and Colette. Inspiring stuff – RD)