Has it been five months since I posted Part One of Archie’s Zombie Trilogy? Yep, it has! (And that will be the last conversation I have with myself on the subject.)

There’s been a lot going on around the website recently and even though I’ve been promising Archie that I’d share Part Two and Three of his impressive work for some time I have shamefully neglected to do so until now.

Zombie Trilogy And Dismembered Teddy Bear Head!

After hugging him goodnight only an hour ago, I said, ‘I’m posting your stories on the website tonight’ and he raised a fist, closed his eyes and whispered ‘yes!

For those of you who have been checking in every day for the next installments and bitching and moaning about me on internet forums, I hope my heartfelt apology will be enough to stop you playing ping-pong with my emotions. But just to be certain, and to further make amends, I am offering you a bonus.

Lewis found the filthy dismembered head of a teddy bear in a muddy puddle out the back of our joint recently and took it home to create an impressive piece of art that suits the tone of Archie’s work in a perfectly eerie way. It follows the last instalment of Why Zombies Like Brains. Feel free to use it as the wallpaper for your computer’s desktop.

If you haven’t read Part One of Why Zombies Like Brains click here before proceeding.


Why Zombies Like Brains 2: Zombies In Space

by Archie

When the world collapsed all the zombies were in space. Well, some zombies got burnt by the stars and the others went on an adventure. They put on jet-packs and flew to another planet.

It was called Plants Vs Zombies!

When they got down it was not a safe landing. It was a hard landing. When they looked up there was loooots of different zombies and lots of squishing/shooting/scared/angry plants killing the zombies.

They all tried hard but died.

But one was still alive and ate the plants and went in the house that the plants were protecting and ate their brains.

When he was eating one he fell over and that made the brain go into his head. Then he stood up and a cord started to slowly connect to the brain.

To be continued… Hear what happens in Why Zombies Like Brains 3!


zombieWhy Zombies Like Brains 3

by Archie

When the zombie fell over the cord started to connect to the brain. He looked at his hands. They were human hands.

Suddenly he changed into a human.

He got his jet-pack and flew to a different country and went to boarding school and learnt things and then three boys bullied him but he had one power. It was called sunlight.

He got it from the sun.

He used it. It was a powerful yellow beam that sent the zombies flying through the walls and the boy had to go to the office.

The next day the boys came back and bullied him again and they used a power that they got yesterday. A powerful wind came out of their hands and blew the boy in to the clouds.

He fell so hard that he got dug under the ground.

He used his jet-pack to get up and then he used a tornado attack and the boys got caught in it and then a dragon came and fired them away.

The boy thanked the dragon and they had adventures together and then the boy turned back in to a zombie but the dragon still loved him.

The End


Lewis’s Work Of Art


The End  

*Archie and Lewis love getting feedback on their creations. They also love to reply to comments!