I’ve blogged about all of the boys birthdays these past several years. If I haven’t dedicated an entire post to a particular birthday I’ve slipped it in to other posts as part of the day to day, year to year snapshot of our lives.

When the kids are old enough (like 20+) they’ll be able to scroll through the MA rated blog that Reservoir Dad has become and find the bits and pieces about themselves, learn more about their Mum and Dad, and hopefully get further reinforcement that they are brilliant, worthwhile human beings who we have always, and will always, adore.

When I was thinking about writing something for Archie’s 8th birthday it occurred to me that there may come a time when the boys forget about the hours of effort Reservoir Mum has put into making their birthday cakes. They’ll see photos of course, but they may not understand the mind-wringing, sweat producing, predator-like focus she puts into settling on the appropriate cake design, sourcing ingredients and colourings, and then mixing, baking, carving and decorating until she’s holding up a freaking masterpiece.

She does all this for the most simple and most important reason – she loves the boys and wants them to be happy. I think it’s a real bonus that the boys will have this blog to give them some insight into their early life; the little pieces of the puzzle that become part of the big picture but are never really focussed on and truly appreciated (Note for Archie, Lewis, Tyson and Maki – if you’re reading this 20+ years from now and you’re starting to well up with a bashful, happy-sad kind of nostalgic yearning for your childhood years, go see your Mum and give her a hug. Then make her a cake.)

So, with that in mind I convinced RM to let me photograph the making of Archie’s 8th Birthday Cake. It’s almost a ‘step by step’ in pictures except for a few things.

Before the pictures there was a three day ‘on-again off-again’ discussion between RM and Archie. Archie, who is Skylanders obsessed at present, finally decided that he wanted the Wii Skylanders portal and one of his favourite Skylanders heroes to be magically made into a cake. RM smiled and said ‘Okay!’ which is awesome because I would have said, ‘Hey, Archie. That sounds really great. But you know what would be even more exciting? A round sponge cake with cream in it. Let’s go to Coles!’

That conversation was followed by a generous offer on my part to source a Cake Shop in Greensborough – while RM was working – to gather all the specialist-type ingredients, which is now recorded as one of the most frustrating times of my life.

Every time I asked for an ingredient I had never heard of before like grey fondant I was cross examined by the resident cake expert with an unanswerable question like does she want to mix some black fondant with a bit of white fondant? which forced me to respond with another question like what aren’t you understanding when I say grey?

This continual, pointless back-and-forth almost drove me to a point of ‘Falling Down’ madness where I attempted to tell the well-intended cake lady to shove the cake shop up her fricken arse but was (thankfully) thwarted by a frustration-born stutter which gave her just enough time to suggest that I get RM on the phone.

I then got RM on the phone and they sorted it out in about a minute and a half.

(Hey boys, at this point you’re probably thinking your Mum and Dad had a very stereotypical relationship. I just want to remind you that I cooked 90% of the meals you ate as children. And the reason I want to remind you of that is because I’m pretty sure you’ve suppressed the memory of 90% of the meals you ate as children.)

And here we are. Now it’s over to RM’s cake. Happy 8th birthday Archie, my sweetheart. Stop growing up.
































And RM’s Birthday Cake