What’s an oversharer anyway? It’s something much better than the spin that tag come with. And we need to reframe it and give it a cooler name. That’s what I’m saying over at The Hoopla today. Here’s a snippet (with hyperlinks to the posts referred to) –

“I have a stream of consciousness approach to writing and rely on actual conversations and real life events for material. I’ve written posts about the ups and downs of my mental state, have revealed my insecurities about parenting and sob-written birthday posts for my children. I’ve written from a place of devastation about my struggles dealing with our miscarriage.

Yes, I Am!

I once wrote an entire article on shaving my genitals, videotaped my own vasectomy as it was happening and have posted photos of myself ironing naked and dancing in boxer shorts (for her pleasure of course). I’ve even named our regular date night times and rituals so that Reservoir Mum gets enthusiastic winks and Groucho Marx eyebrows from colleagues as she’s leaving work on a Friday evening (whoops).

So yes, I guess I fit the mold. To many people I am an oversharer. 

But now that I’ve accepted and admitted to it I feel I need to defend my kind. To do this I first need to reject the term and replace it with something more positive and powerful.

Here it comes…”

Head over to The Hoopla and read the rest of the article – Oversharing Daddy Blogger, or…