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The Northern Dads Group was established back in the year 2000 when a few Melbourne Dads decided to catch up every Friday to chat, drink coffee and give their kids a chance to socialise with other kids of different ages. Not much has changed in the fourteen years since.

We have a Golden Nappy of Nomination that is passed on from one President to next and it is currently in my possession.

It’s a pretty casual sort of group, with Dads from different backgrounds and circumstances, and kids aged from newborn up to 5 years (plus some older brothers & sisters who attend during school holidays). Some of our dads are full-time stay-at-home, some work part time and some come along occasionally during school holidays.

But the one factor that has remained strong in the seven years that I’ve been part of the group is the great support that comes from the great friendships that develop.

Many of the Dads who have stopped attending the group – because their kids have started school, or they have work commitments when the group is on etc – have remained in close contact over the years and still come along to the Family events and ‘kids-free’ pub nights.

We are all committed to social justice and equality and make a point of hitting the newspapers and radio stations and TV programs occasionally to put our voice to important social issues, as you can see here and here and here.

Each time we catch up it’s a little different with all kinds of conversations taking centre stage including but not limited to football, gender role stereotypes, personal family stories, mastitis, the meaning of the color of poo, partner worries and celebrations, current affairs, sex, infant sleep battles, away from home work battles, depression and anxiety, home brewing, teething, literature, labour stories, personal health problems, how much we bench, why we’re here and does anything really matter, the demise of the seesaw, and Rye Cruskits. (For a more detailed account read here)

For all inquiries into The Northern Dads Group please email and visit the Northern Dads Facebook Page.