I have an article at Mia Freedman’s mamamia.com.au which focuses on men’s experience of child loss. Thanks to Sally and Simon Heppleston and Gavin Blue (from Heartfelt) and his wife for sharing their stories. After reading the article please visit the Heartfelt Facebook Page and join to help promote their great work.

Here’s a sample of the article –

Months later through a series of coincidences I met Sally and Simon Heppleston and learnt about their own story of loss. In 2008 they were prepared for their world to change when they attended a routine ante-natal appointment late in their pregnancy. They had created space in their lives – a new baby seat in the car, a new cot in the decorated nursery, a collection of infant jumpsuits and beanies. All of it awaiting animation through a new life.

Their pregnancy had been without problems and when Sally went into early labor there was the joyous feeling that they were almost there. But Sally became concerned when the labor hadn’t progressed three days later, and she couldn’t feel any movement from her normally active baby.

The world did change for Sally and Simon but not the way they expected it to. When the doctor performed the scan they could see there was no heartbeat. As Sally screamed out in disbelief Simon bottled an uprising of emotion to honor his overwhelming desire to lessen the impact on Sally.

Pushing his own grief aside became a common theme, especially in the early days. He displaced emotion by focusing on the new list of tasks that needed to be completed; phone calls, discussions with doctors and nurses, referrals, appointments, questions from well meaning family and friends. But even when there was a moment to spare Simon, understandably, still channeled all his energy into the care of Sally, who was suffering physically as well as emotionally.

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*Photo featuring Simon, Sally and Hope Heppleston by Gavin Blue, Heartfelt.