I received this letter from Stacey last week – one of the winner’s of the Ford Give-away competition. She won the Ford Territory for ten days and it turned out to be a timely surprise for Stacey and her family.

I don’t want to pre-empt the letter and the photos that follow too much with my own dribble and so will let them stand on their own.

Thanks Stacey for giving me an insight into your experience. I was shocked to read of your tradgedy but so happy that this partnership with Ford concluded in such a positive way for a family who really needed a lucky break! By the photos it looked like you had an amazing time. See you in Instagram!



Dear Ford Australia and Reservoir Dad,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to Thank You again for the amazing prize of allowing us to use a Territory Titanium (my dream car even before driving it!) for the past 10 days!

We had been saving for a territory and were so close to being able to afford one when in October 2011 my mother in law was murdered in Bateman’s Bay NSW. The money we had saved for our dream car had to be used to cover costs relating to this tragedy and we were/are no longer in a position to purchase one.

As you can imagine, the last 2years since this happened has been extremely difficult for our family to deal with.

This generous prize could not have come at a better time for us. We were scheduled to be in Wollongong NSW for the final court hearing for the sentencing of the perpetrator last Friday.

With your generosity we were able to take 10days off work to drive to Wollongong for the sentencing as well as continue on and take our three young children on a road-trip.

We as a family needed this break away together to move on from the past two years of heartache and to make new great memories as a family that we will cherish forever.

So thank you again for your generosity and the wonderful prize of giving me and my family our best holiday to date and to help us heal and move on after the tragedy we have been struggling with. You will never fully understand how much this meant to us – we will be forever grateful!

Warmest Regards,

Stacey Sinclair 🙂



The Apostles 

1.12 aposels



Andi The Snow Panda




Mahli Tabogganing!

mahli toboggan



Zeke Tabogganing!




Bells Beach!




The Big Banana!




The Harbour Bridge!




On The Sydney Harbour!

9.on a boat sydney harbour



Port Maquarie Lighthouse!

10.port macquarrie lighthouse