maureenDon’t forget to tune into Radio National Life Matters this morning at 9am to hear 2011’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad Rob and wife Colette talking with Richard Aedy and Mentally Sexy Judge Kate Hunter

Although I always believed that this competition could do great things by going a step towards normalizing men in the caring/stay-at-home/domestic role, I severely underestimated the potential the Most Mentally Sexy Competition had. Not only has it acted as a platform for families to celebrate good Dads and husbands it has also encouraged people to talk openly about a whole host of gender and relationship issues through a dozen different forums.

DamonYoungA great feeling of community has developed and everyone involved from the judges, writers, regular Reservoir Dad visitors, sponsors, local community groups, media and (most importantly) the Mentally Sexy Dads and their families have shaped this competition and furthered its potential to affect many people in a very positive way.

A big thank you and congratulations to all the families who participated.

I’d like to also thank these people and sponsors for their hard work this year.



Prize donations

This year over half the entrants recieved a prize thanks to –


The Staff

The Mentally Sexy Staff worked tirelessly planning and organizing the comp. A big thanks to Maureen Matthews, Damon Young, Paul Gooden, Keith Wilcox, Dan Barron, Jack Ellis, Rachel Power and Geoff Canning.


Rachel-author-picThe Judges

With great power comes great responsibility and the judges handled it perfectly this year. Thanks very much to Steve Biddulph, Maureen Matthews, Kate Hunter and The Panel from Channel 10’s The Circle.


joeprahWeb Design

The quality and smooth running of this website was crucial in making the competition a success and I’d like to say a massive thank you to Joe Schatz from Doogle Design. He worked late, listened to my stupid questions, was available at any time of the day to deal with potential disasters and was always patient. Besides all that his superior skills on web design are clear to see in what I think is a great looking website. Thanks Joe!

Dylan-Lewis-with-daughter-RoseOur Mentally Sexy Celebrity Dad

Thanks very much to Dylan Lewis for not only representing Mentally Sexy Dads all over Australia but for promoting the competition and the ideas on his Facebook Page and the recently concluded Channel Ten Video Hits. 


danstaffEveryone else

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Mentally Sexy Social Media Drive. It resulted in another 17 entries being submitted and spread the word. Once things settle here I will be contacting everyone to send out your free t-shirts. would also like to thanks The Circle Producer Sam Hastie who went out of her way to promote the comp. I know you did a lot more than you had to and that it was a bit of a slog there for you for a while. Thanks Sam!

There it is. Great work all and congrats to the entrants! See you all next year.


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