Last week I was tagged by Jacqui at Common Chaos Chronicle to participate in a blogging chain event where I list ten things about myself and then tag in some other poor bastards to do the same. Here we go!


When I was five-ish I killed a mouse by burying it in my sandpit. I honestly thought I could dig it up later and let it go. I felt very guilty when I dug it up dead. Around the same age while at my Nana and Pop’s farm I filled a bucket of water and put a newly hatched chick in to watch it swim. It was kicking on well for a while. Then I got distracted, wandered off and came back to the bucket to find the chick drowned. Despite being a young animal killer I have not developed into an older serial killer (yet).


I had a novel accepted for publication once. It was titled ‘For No Clear Reason’. It was accepted by Indra Publishing and was scheduled to be published within a year. Before it got there the company reassessed its vision and decided to only publish non-fiction. Screwed.


RDTrain2Every day I wake up and want to be stronger. I love lifting weights and have been doing it since my early teens. I love it even while accepting that it’s pointless. For over twenty years I have walked to the same spot in a power rack and squatted up and down hundreds of thousands of times. I will keep doing this for as long as I can breath. (join the gym here)


I love crude humour. In the right company that becomes disgustingly obvious.


Reservoir Mum and I used to have two ducks, Floppy and Flap-flap. They were so cute when they were tiny and yellow. I loved them so. Problem was they grew into massive white monsters who shat like automatic tennis ball launchers. In no time at all, our entire backyard was a residential pile of shit. The final straw came when I slipped in it and broke my leg, only days before a powerlifting competition. It was their time to leave but, being the animal lover that I am, I relocated them to a local park with a big pond and dozens of other ducks where they could frolic in virtual duck heaven. A week later the council did a massive culling of all the ducks. Floppy and Flap-Flap frolic no more.


Even though I don’t believe that children who kill animals necessarily become psychopaths or serial killers on the rare occasion I have crossed paths with a person I would like to kill. It’s very unlikely I’d ever find myself in the position to do it and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the grit to go through with it if I did. Still, you never know…


I really enjoy getting drunk. I don’t do it anywhere near as much as I used to but some would still say I drink often. If it wasn’t for the overwhelming love and commitment I feel for my family and my insatiable desire to get physically stronger I would probably drink every day.



As a child I used to have recurrent nightmare themes involving being eaten, observed, buried alive or locked into some soul destroying repetition (like building a house that always fell down). These themes followed me into my teen years where I turned to Buddhism to deal with my consuming fear of death and pointlessness. In my twenties I was a crystal therapist, a Reiki practitioner and dream analyst. I also semi-believed in past lives and spirit guides. This was all important, even crucial, to me at the time. But I’ve matured, am in a much more secure frame of mind, and have considered myself an atheist for the past ten years. (I will be blogging one of my childhood nightmares this week if you’re interested.)


Reservoir Mum has made me a much, much better person.


I like to be heard but I don’t like to stand out. I’ve always been like this. The thought of disappearing into the crowd depresses me but standing above the crowd makes me uncomfortable and I get a tad disgusted with the thrill I get at being seen. Of course, there are times I get carried away…

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I Might Not Ever See You Again!