Today’s kid-throwing pic was submitted by Sara Eagle.

That’s her three-year-old daughter Niamh, being thrown by her beloved Aunty Brooke in the swimming channel at Callala Bay, NSW. 

Wow, what a shot! I love it. Thanks Sara!

Nice Throw Lindy!

If you’ve got a favourite child throwing pic in the family album and you want to share, send it over to Don’t hesitate.


At The Northen Dad’s Group last Friday I was talking to a mate Jack (who dances really well to smash 80s hit ‘What A Man’ by Salt n Pepper – see here) and he had a great idea for the Throw You Kids series. Here’s a re-enactment of the conversation –

Jack and I are standing shoulder to shoulder at the playground swings behind the Fairfield Boat House. Jack’s hoisting his daughter, Marianne, as high as he can and I’m pushing Tyson so hard that the swing’s chains are going slack at the top and whiplashing him back to me. They’re both squealing with joy.

‘Hey,’ Jack says. ‘I have an idea for the Throw Your Kids Thursday posts.’

‘Do tell,’ I say, with another grunt-producing push.

‘You could do a play on words with an article. Call it How To o Throw A Kid’s Party but mess around with the grammar.’

Several moments pass as we push our kids in silence and then I get it. ‘Oh,’ I say, with a chuckle. ‘So instead of calling the article How To Throw A Kid’s Party I call it something like, The ‘How To Throw Your Kid’ Party…’

‘Yes,’ Jack laughs.

‘Haha. So it’s like a party where you go to learn how to throw your kids properly?’

‘Yes,’ Jack laughs.

‘We could get a group photo of every Dad in the group throwing their kids at the same time and wear party hats and have those long party whistles that roll out like a lizard’s tongue when you blow them…’

‘Yes,’ Jack laughs.

‘So cool. I’ll do it,’ I say.

So watch out for that!


And here are some posts/articles I’ve really enjoyed this week.

How could I not include the most excellent photographer Alan Moyle from Photobat when I’ve made his esteemed ‘Portrait Of The Week’! Thanks Alan!

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The furiously funny Fast Lane Dad has taken a minute to get serious. He shares his expertise for all the blogging types out there who want to further the reach of their website.

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I loved this ‘go with flow’ post from Shae of Free Range In Suburbia about letting go of the social pressures around us and approaching the parenting gig in our own way.

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And a video to finish it off with a bang! I was privileged to meet One Direction Dad via Twitter this week and watched his appearance on Channel 9s Today in awe of his dedication to his daughter. What a great moving story! Join his Twitter account – One Direction Dad – and watch this vid!