It’s day three and here’s the final instalment of The Julia Morris Interviews. If you’ve missed day one and two you can catch up by following the links below.

Part 1 – On coming back in to fashion and answering the question ‘Are you loud and crazy?’

Part 2 – On being a working Mum, her strong relationship with stay at home Dad and husband Dan, and dealing with ‘Mummy Guilt’.

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A Long Weekend With Julia Morris


On The Series House Husbands

Young-Gary-Sweet-Gemma-Tilda-smallRD: So, because Dan’s a stay-at-home Dad and is so efficient at running the household, do you sometimes think the Dads on House Husbands are being portrayed in a stereotypical way?

Julia: Well, Rhys’ character is the only one who’s been doing it for a while… and my Dan’s been doing it for six years so he’s in swing. Whereas my husband on the show, Lewis, is brand new to it – and a real ‘mans man’ – so he’s slow to embrace it. Rhys’s character is a bit more easy-going and he knows he’s good at it.

RD: I thought you cried very well when you were talking to your on-screen Dad about him getting jiggy with his lover a few episodes ago…

Julia: Give it to me Darl, I was like, ‘Is it that serious?’ and the producers were like, ‘Yes, it is serious…’ haha.

RD: Is it hard to build to an emotional scene like that?

Julia: I have a song that I listen to – a Sarah McLachlan song – and also when you’re a parent I think those tears are never really so far from the surface. You run the gauntlet of so many emotions. But usually I’m not a crier. I’m such a big strong bird.

RD: That’s what Reservoir Mum’s like. She was reading Facebook updates of people who were emptying tissue boxes after Nicola got killed and was shaking her head saying, ‘Why?’

Julia: I have to admit that with the kids now… even a Dove commercial can send me off these days. But usually I’m not a crier. Dan’s the crier in our family. He’ll say, ‘You’re hard. You’re hard and you’re cold if you don’t cry at that.’ Haha.


On The Sexual Attractiveness of Firass Dirani and Gary Sweet 

Gary-Sweet-Gemma-bedRD: Now, for the female readers of my website I wanted to subtly shift the conversation to Firass Dirani. Have you seen Firass in the nude?

Julia (gasp): No I haven’t but I’m desperate to. I keep arriving in wardrobe early and walking in on him by ‘accident’ and saying, ‘Oh sorry, I just forgot my credit card… I’ll wait in the corner right here…’ I’ve been planting myself everywhere but unfortunately I’m starting to look creepy…

RD: If you could manage to snap a nude or semi-nude photo and send it through I’d really appreciate it… I mean my readers would really appreciate it…

Julia: I’ve seen him in his undies and I’ve got to tell you it’s not all bad news. Hahaha.

RD: Many people would agree with you.

Julia: He’s a sweet, sweet man and a great actor and he doesn’t flaunt his good looks but I’m constantly winding him up about him having his shirt off. Oh well, I remember my days as a sex symbol…

RD: I’ve only just recently become one… And you’re a big fan of Gary Sweet as well, aren’t you? I remember seeing you on one of the morning shows after you’d received your Logies nomination and you were raising your eyebrows and mentioning his name a lot.

Julia: Absolutely mad for him. He’s been very generous with me on set. He must have been a bit worried working with me. I can’t imagine turning up on set with someone who has had the reputation as the ‘crazy comedian’…

RD: Crazy and loud…

Julia: …and not knowing if you’re going to get any work done or if she’s going to be mucking around. You know, he was probably wondering why is this role in the hands of someone who is out of control but he has been nothing but generous to me since day one, and I’m always joking how I want to kiss Gary Sweet on the lips, but on many levels he’s been very good to me.

RD: Well, if you have any trouble getting me a nude photo of Firass maybe you could send a nude photo of Gary through?

Julia: I just think that would be heaven because he’s in vintage form. He’s often got his shirt off in wardrobe and you’re like, ‘Oh darling you’ve got to let the balloon go…’

RD: (several seconds pass as I try to work out what Julia’s last sentence means before deciding to just laugh): Haha! I think we’re just about done Julia. Thanks so much for your time. Do you have anything you’d like to ask me?

Julia: No, darling. But I love following your website and following you on Twitter and there’s seldom a tweet where I don’t click through to read your articles. I really enjoy it, I mean – apart from the show – it’s just great to know that there are other people out there who live like us and other men who live like my Dan.

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