There’s some serious new website building going on at the moment with my good mate and American super-web-designer buddy Joe Schatz, and some other behind the scenes blogging related shenanigans that will all be revealed shortly, and as a result I have been working late into the night and sacrificing hours of sleep. It’ll be worth it though. You’ll see.

With Pics Of My Super-Fit Sister!

In the meantime my training is suffering. I have missed a couple of workouts I am ashamed to say. But I’ve still pushed hard when in the gym. A lack of sleep is a killer for recovery and it’s just about impossible to make significant gains without proper rest but I’ll keep pushing and hope for a rapid improvement once things settle down again and I start getting some decent shut-eye.

To make up for what I’m missing in the bedroom (stop smirking, you’re just being childish) I’ve been eating a LOT. Chicken wings, porterhouse steak, chicken wings, protein with cream cheese, chicken wings, taco minced meat by the kilogram, chicken wings, chicken wings. I’ve also been using certain ointments and oils and giving my sensitive areas a nice self-massage while reading glossy magazines and watching my favourite videos (Oh stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself, not me).

What have you been doing in the gym, on the track, in the pool this week? How do you fit it in with kids and family and other commitments? I’d love some tips.

Here’s what’s been happening in RD’s Gym.


Tuesday 16 April

Squat 5×5 @ 150kg

Overhead Push Press 5 x 2 @ 70

Pendley Rows 50, 80 x 5, 100×3, 110x3x3 110×5

Neck harness 35 pounds 3 x 12

Face Pulls 3 x 15 @ 20kg


Friday 19 April

Deadlift – 8 warm-up sets of 5 reps to 180kg. Then 2 singles @ 220kg, 6 singles @ 200kg.

Pullups – 20 sets of 5 over 2 hours for a total of 100 reps. Various grips.


Sunday 21 April

Bench Press – 50×5, 70×5, 90×5. 110×5. 120×3, 130×3, 140×3, 150kgx3, 120kg10.

Dips – 60 reps

Cheat curls – 4 sets of 50kg x5


My sister Jo – and mother of three – on the other hand has been kicking ass. She’s entering the ESP comp as well. Head over to her website and Facebook Page to ee more pics of her insanity and pay attention to her insane workload. (If she beats me my life will be over).