Lining the Pockets of a Monster?

  • Monday, 04 May 2015
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  • Lining the Pockets of a Monster?

    My latest article for Here's a snippet:

    Long before he stepped in the ring yesterday, promoters, commentators, reporters, and even many spectators, knew about Mayweather's shocking history of beating up women, seven of them by some estimates. They knew of the numerous times he assaulted his former partner Josie Harris, the mother of his three children. He was even jailed for it. And yet there was a conscious decision made by these people to ignore the disturbing truth about his past. They must now accept their own role as contributors to his lavish lifestyle, massive pay packet and to his celebrity.

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    • Can't stand you

      Can't stand you

      04 May 2015 at 17:47 |
      You are seriously a mangina.

      I bet you would have been one of the same people begging for mercy for those two drug smugglers. As much as I hate Floyd Mayweather, why should he be punished for life? He served his time.

      Honestly just reading your blog makes me feel emasculated, you are such a pussy.
      • Reservoir Dad

        Reservoir Dad

        04 May 2015 at 18:24 |
        Thanks for reading.
      • Pete


        04 May 2015 at 23:33 |
        Mayweather is not put on a pedestal - everyone knows he's a violent thug, and a coward that hits weaker people. Whether you should stop watching something on TV because some of its personalities are pigs is another question, but I think it's possible to watch boxing without condoning what its competitors do, and you're not condoning violence by doing so. Claiming that supporting an event somehow means you're also supporting the criminal behaviour of its proponents is a tedious, superficial Americanism seen too much in the media today. It's phony outrage that uses a tenuous, click-bait link to make a point. We don't need to involve Mayweather in our discussion of family violence - the facts speak for themselves.
        • Rory Mouttet

          Rory Mouttet

          05 May 2015 at 20:57 |
          Hey Pete. I see your perspective and had you have said that you just wanted to see Paciao flatten Mayweather for being one of the greatest cowatds that ever existed then I'd probably be cool with that. But personally I relate your painting this as clickbait and Americanism to basically looking the other way so you dont have to face what youve done and live with your decision. That's bullshit Americanism, ignorance. It's a simple act to turn off the TV but you didn't want to do it. Admit it. I eat a friggin nestle bar and I'm supporting child slavery. Simple. No matter how hard I try to justify it. I'm in the top 10%, the worlds fucked and I'm a fatso who wants a chocolate bar. This is the problem that us westerners have - lack of perspective. Because I guarantee you that if your daughter had been a victim of domestic violence, you wouldn't be watching the fight mate. And your halfhearted excuse while attacking a guy who is having a voice against it is frustrating.
      • Rory Mouttet

        Rory Mouttet

        05 May 2015 at 20:40 |
        Oh bro I feel so bad for you. I think that maybe if you weren't trying to fit into a classic stereotype that you'd probably appreciate the fact that Clint is working on behalf of blokes like you. Don't feel imasculated brother. There's no such thing as 'being a real man'. Thats the garbage box you've been shoved into. Good luck and peace bro!
        • Can't stand you

          Can't stand you

          06 May 2015 at 13:44 |
          I'm not trying to fit into anything mate, I'm just saying what I think is pathetic. This guy makes me sick to the stomach with how much of a woman he is.

          I honestly don't think we watch the same TV. Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody puts Mayweather on a pedestal, almost nobody likes him and thirdly, everyone just tuned in in the hopes that they would see him get knocked the fuck out.

          I absolutely stand against domestic violence, but unlike the peasant writing this blog I'm not going to make out like I'm making a difference by dredging up the past of someone who has served their time. Don't get me wrong, every time he is on the TV I pretty much spit his name or call him a filthy wife beater, I can't stand him. I'm not however going to accuse others of condoning violence against women simply because they tuned in for the fight. Let's not forget how many times even the commentators brought it up during the fight though, they didn't let anyone forget how much of a piece of shit Mayweather is.

          Save your pity for someone else Rory, I don't need it. In fact I pity you.
          • Reservoir Dad

            Reservoir Dad

            06 May 2015 at 23:04 |
            Is this a pit party? Was I invited?
            • Can't stand you

              Can't stand you

              06 May 2015 at 23:05 |
              You're the host.
            • Reservoir Dad

              Reservoir Dad

              06 May 2015 at 23:15 |
              Shit! I better get some party hats and drinks!
    • Butterscotch


      04 May 2015 at 18:59 |
      Thank You Clint!!
      For making this valid and important point about the hypocrisy in our society.
      I believe many (silent) people - including victims of domestic violence - similarly boycotted this event on the basis of Mayweather's despicable record of violence against women.
      I personally am sickened to the stomach that this man is promoted as any kind of role model.
      And thankful that my home country of Australia has the principles to ban this man from visiting our shores.
      The chauvinists and ostriches (heads in the sand) will come out attacking you - but you have right on your side and once again, sincere thanks for your honesty and ethics in declaring your stance on this vital issue.
    • Bruce Devereaux

      Bruce Devereaux

      04 May 2015 at 21:50 |
      Dear 'Can't Stand You' (if indeed that is your real name).
      If anonymously calling a bloke saying it is wrong to beat on women names makes you feel emasculated....well....I don't think I'll waste my time on you. You surely must already know you're a douche.
    • Bucky


      04 May 2015 at 23:02 |
      As a father of four girls I'm horrified that Mayweather has such a horde of adoring fans. He's as far away from a good role model as you can get. If standing up against violence against women makes Clint a pussy, then he's one of the finest c#*ts going around.
    • PK


      05 May 2015 at 00:25 |
      I didn't read your article. I only read the title and skimmed through to the author contact details. The use of the word monster said it all really - jealousy. There are a lot of other monsters out there who get zero scrutiny anymore - I mean look at Chris Brown, his music plays daily on our radios for our kids to listen to and dance to in clubs and I believe he toured in Australia making money after beating Rihanna to a pulp. I don't recall any media stories about a woman beater entering our country and making money? FLOYD WAS BANNED FROM ENTERING AUSTRALIA. I just hate double standards and how some monsters are able to fool the masses whilst others get heavily scrutinised. But hey maybe Chris Brown is cuter or something, I just don't know?
      • Rory Mouttet

        Rory Mouttet

        05 May 2015 at 09:17 |
        'I didn't read your article'. Surely you realise the ignorance in placing a comment then? Yawn...Another speed reader / super skimmer to the rescue.
      • Tania


        05 May 2015 at 23:22 |
        PK: here's a tip. Read the article before you feel obliged to comment.
        "I only read the title and skimmed through to the author contact details. The use of the word monster said it all really - jealousy." This made me laugh a lot, thank you. If you do manage to read the article at some point I think you'll find that you are in agreement with the author. Chris Brown is a monster, we shouldn't be placing him on a pedestal either... these "so-called" heroes should all be heavily scrutinised regardless of how "cute" they are. The article named Mayweather (for obvious reason), but the name of any celebrated violent offender could be put in his place.
    • Barton


      05 May 2015 at 07:21 |
      I can't wait until the day a male reporter wants to talk all day about domestic violence at the woman's World Cup because of the domestic violence case involving one of the female players. What will the media say? What will all the supposed "domestic violence protesters" say?

      Furthermore, although I don't know the circumstances of each domestic violence incident with mayweather, i know women. And so I wonder: are the boxers getting the same power games and drama that we get from women on the regular? If so, what do these women expect? They are dating boxers - people who clearly have the capacity to turn on the same instincts that make them comfortable with smashing someone's face in and leaving blood all over the floor. If women are going to protest anything, they should protest the fact that they haven't evolved in choosing mates since cave times. The only conversation women need to be having is why they are attracted to fighters who beat people and then surprised when they get beat too.

      Average Woman: "I laugh at and insult the masculinity of the smaller guys who my boxer boyfriend knocked out, but whoa is me, my boxer boyfriend hits me too. Men are so terrible, I'm such a victim of the patriarchy"
    • Barton


      05 May 2015 at 07:38 |
      I forgot to add..the real "monsters" are women who murder the unborn simply because it's an "inconvenience".

      The real "monsters" are the men and women who join the armed forces to murder men,women and children in 3rd world countries because some slimy politician told them too.

      The real monster is Barrack Obama who murdered two US citizens(one being 16 years old and was targeted with drones simply because he was the son)

      but I digress..where are you're articles condemning Hope Solo(Women's Soccer Domestic Violence against a MINOR male relative), Brittney Grinner(WNBA domestic violence), Jennifer Capriati(Women's Tennis Domestic Violence) or more recently Toya Graham(if you follow US news aside from sports..i'm sure you've heard of the Baltimore Riots..a mother ON LIVE TV was caught HITTING her son)..the media largely CHEERED her abusing her son..not making the possible connection that men who abuse women were more likely than not abused by female authority figures(Mothers,Teachers,Babysitters) as children

      I am no fan of Mayweather, I think he's arrogant and full of I don't watch his matches and I certainly didn't pay to watch his fight(so stop saying "we" lined his pockets), but as much as I don't care for Mayweather..i despise men like you who don't hold women to the same level of accountability as you do men..if you had articles attacking women who commit domestic violence and or have abortions selfish reasons then i wouldn't have an issue with your article
      • Rory Mouttet

        Rory Mouttet

        05 May 2015 at 09:19 |
        Dude. You need to speak to someone about your women issues. I get your points but this is all a little serial killerish
    • Bruce Devereaux

      Bruce Devereaux

      05 May 2015 at 08:28 |
      a. Way to politicize this and bring in your own topic, Barton. b. So you believe unless a blogger comments on every topic he shouldn't comment on any? He's commenting on this one and making sense. That's enough for now. Saying he's guilty of supporting every nasty human behaviour based on not having thrown words at it in his public blog is nonsense.
    • Helen K

      Helen K

      05 May 2015 at 22:23 |
      Well written Clint - I think some people commenting are confusing 'done the crime - paid the time' (yes, that was the prison sentence - valid penalty or not) and rewarding him excessively financially and in terms of attention with the fight. Sportsmen and women are role models, whether they want to be or not. He should not be eligible for these sorts of fights - full stop. And the other people who've been mentioned in the comments - if they've also done similar crimes, repeatedly, then the same should apply to them.
    • Can't stand for gender equality...

      Can't stand for gender equality...

      06 May 2015 at 23:19 |
      "You are seriously a mangina"
      "You are such a pussy"
      "This guy makes me sick to the stomach with how much of a woman he is"

      Wow! Your ability to use the female gender to defame the author makes me question that you "absolutely stand against domestic violence." How can you possibly stand against it if you have no respect for women?

      You are offended by this blog post because you watched the fight, but you are really missing the main point of the article.

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