What struck me on first entering the house of Lily Jones – who plays Poppy in the hit TV series House Husbands – was that I felt like I’d met her before. And that’s because I had on many occasions. She’s the daughter of Reservoir Mum’s cousin. But this meeting between us was very different this time for two reasons:  1) This was the first time I’ve sat down to interview her, and 2) I had an alternative and slightly sinister motive.

The Interview

For the previous week my website had being heavily trafficked by people trying to find out which character was going to be killed off in last night’s episode of House Husbands. I had a plan to trick Lily into telling me who it was so that I could get the big scoop and reveal all before the episode went to air.

Well, we all know now that Gemma and Abi killed Nicola by forcing her to search for hard rubbish on a poorly lit street while wearing high heels. (A brilliant move if you ask me because now heart throb Firass Dirani is going to have many heart-throbby moments mourning his lost love and cuddling his three motherless children while occasionally dropping his towel to reveal his toight buttocks. The womens will love it!)

And the reason you found this out by watching it on the show instead of hearing it from me?

It’s because I couldn’t outsmart a seven-year-old. Lily Jones is genius.



On Revealing What Happens In Future Episodes

Lily-Jones-Poppy-SaucepanReservoir Dad: Hey, do you know there are a lot of people going to my website to try and find out which character gets killed off on House Husbands next Sunday?

Lily Jones: No?

RD: There are. And I love to make people happy by giving them what they’re looking for. So…

Lily: I’m not telling you…

RD: …who is it? Who leaves House Husbands?

Lily: You just have to watch.

RD: (Hiding bitter disappointment with fake smile): Haha! I knew you’d say that. Well done! I just wanted to see if your Mum would jump across the table to muffle you quiet with her hand. That’s all.

Lily (giggles): A person at school said, ‘Who’s going to die?’ and I said ‘I’m not telling you who’s going to die’ and then he said he’d give me a thousand dollars if I told him.

RD: A thousand bucks! How much money would you need to tell me who it is?

Lily: No money. No telling.

RD: You’re very good.


On Being A Young Actor

Lily-Jones-Poppy-studyRD: So, what’s your favourite part about being an actor on House Husbands?

Lily: Um. I love acting.

RD: Is it always fun or can it be hard work as well?

Lily: Yep! Sometimes…

RD: What’s hard about it?

Lily: Sometimes, when you’re filming… every person makes a mistake.

RD: Yeah? And you have to do it all over again?

Lily (nodding and rolling her eyes): And then sometimes you get it right but someone else keeps getting it wrong.

RD: Oh my god, that’s so frustrating.

Lily: Yep.

RD: What do you think of your character Poppy? What sort of girl is she.

Lily: She’s a smiling girl. And happy.

RD: Yeah, she does seem happy all the time. She also seems very smart. I remember once last season that her Mum, Abi, said she wasn’t allowed to do something, so she went to her Dad, Mark, and asked the same thing and he said yes.

Lily (giggles): Yes. Because you go to your Mum and say, ‘Mummy, can I go to the shops?’ and she says no and then you go to your Dad and say, ‘Daddy, can I go to the shops?’ and he says okay.

Reservoir Dad: Poppy is just like real kids!

Lily (giggles): Yep.


On The Future

Lily-Jones-Rhys-MuldoonRD: Do you think you’ll keep acting for the rest of your life.

Lily (shrugs): I don’t know.

RD: Do you want to? Would you like to be a movie star when you’re an adult?

Lily: Yeah. When I grow up, I want to be an actor, a singer, a rock star and an ice skater.

RD: An ice-skater as well?

Lily (nodding): Because once I went to a birthday and we went ice-skating and I learnt to skate really fast, but not as fast as Madison – who is Tilda  on House Husbands –  because it was her birthday. We went ice-skating.

RD: Wow. Do you know that ice-skating can be very dangerous? People have died ice-skating….

Lily: I’m not telling you who dies on House Husbands.


On Men, Women And Housework

Lily-Jones-ballerinaRD: Very cool. Hey, do you watch other shows with child actors in them so you can learn how to act even better?

Lily: Um… Peppa Pig.

RD: And what can you learn from Peppa Pig?

Lily: Nothing, it’s just my favourite show. And Play School.

RD: Hey! Play School! And who’s on Play School that you know?

Lily (giggling): Rhys!

RD (giggling) : Yes! Rhys! Do you say ‘Hey there’s my House Husbands Dad’ when you see him?

Lily: No, me and Annie (Lily’s litle sister) just yell Rhys to Mum so she can come and see him because she doesn’t usually watch it with us.

RD: Yeah, I let Maki and Tyson watch Play School so I can get things done. Like housework. Hey, does your Dad do much housework?

Lily: On the weekend he does because he’s at work everyday.

RD: Who should be the person that works and who should be the person who stays at home? Should it be the Mum or the Dad?

Lily: I don’t know.

RD: Because that’s what House Husbands is about isn’t it? It’s about men who don’t work away from home every day.

Lily: Yeah, because usually the Mums stay at home but House Husbands is about the Dads staying at home and the Mums going to work.

RD: I know! And everything’s changing a bit now isn’t it? I stay at home and do the housework and look after the kids and Reservoir Mum goes to work.

Lily: Is Reservoir Mum a Doctor?

RD: Yes, a Doctor of Physiotherapy.

Lily: Because I once went to a hospital when I broke my arm.

RD: Yes.

Lily (yelling to Mum in the kitchen): Mum! What hospital did I go to?

Lily’s Mum Leah: The Northern.

Lily (slapping her hands together): Oh, I knew it was The Northern!

RD: Very good.


On Special Affects

lily-jones-house-husbandsRD: When you watch a scene from the show on TV does it seem very different to when you’re acting it?

Lily: No. Because it’s with real people it doesn’t look any different.

RD: Right, because it’s not like a cartoon or anything?

Lily: On Peppa Pig it looks different because pigs don’t talk. And they don’t wear dresses.

RD: That’s true.

Lily: And they don’t live in a house.

RD: Pigs? No they don’t do they? Maybe to make House Husbands a little different all the people could snort like pigs and live in mud?

Lily: Bluurgh!

RD: Would you like to do that?

Lily: No!

RD: Do you ever have to sleep on set? Overnight?

Lily: Nope. Never overnight… why have I got sticky hands?

RD: You were eating a honey sandwhich. Do you sometimes have to do acting in the night-time?

Lily: Oh, it’s just the honey I was eating… um…  once I had to go to acting after school and it was dark when we finished.

RD: Oh really?

Lily: Yes, really. Do you know how they make it dark when it isn’t dark?

RD: No, how do they do that?

Lily: They have a giant black piece of material and they hang it up so it actually looks like it’s night time.

RD: Oh.

Lily: So that’s how they do it.

RD: And does the character who leaves House Husbands die at night time?

Lily: You have to watch.

RD: Damn.


Behind The Scenes

Lily-Jones-House-Husbands-hatRD: Who’s the fun-est person to hang out with at House Husbands?

Lily: Ben, which is Finn in the show.

RD: Who’s the most fun adult?

Lily: I’d say Rhys and Natalie because Natalie helps me and Rhys is funny and carries me around.

RD: And which one of those two is the one who leaves House Husbands?

Lily: I’m not allowed to say anything about anything that happens on the show.

RD: You are so great at not saying anything. Much, much better than Rhys. Do you know, when I interviewed Rhys, he said, ‘RD, I’m probably not meant to say this but soon my character Mark goes back to work and Abi stays home.’ He wasn’t meant to say that but he did, you see? That’s because Rhys is cool and doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do. So if you felt like saying something you should just let it out…

Lily: I can’t say anything about it.

RD: Well, when Drew Proffitt finds out that Rhys told me something he shouldn’t have, maybe they’ll make Rhys leave the show.

Lily: No, he can’t leave the show. It wouldn’t make any sense.

RD: But maybe Abi can get another husband and you can get another House Husbands Dad, a cooler Dad… a Dad who looks like the Dad off Peppa Pig… and snorts?

Lily: But I would miss Rhys.

RD (hand on Lily’s shoulder): I know. But when the pressure was on he squealed Lily. He squealed.

Lily (after a moment of thinking): Well that means we have to keep it a big secret that Rhys told you that.

RD: Hmmm. I would keep it a secret because I want to do what you say but…  I’ve already put it up on my website.

Lily: Uh-oh.

RD: Well, maybe we just won’t tell anyone about my website.

Lily: Okay. But do you put your website up where everyone can see it?

RD: Yep. It’s where everyone can see it.

Lily: Oh no.

RD: Lily. I’m just mucking around. They won’t sack Rhys because he’s very famous. And everybody loves him.

Lily (giggles):Yep.

RD: Hey Lily. Do you want to make a video with me? On how to save time on housework?

Lily: Yes!

* Come back tomorrow for Lily’s special celebrity guest House Cleaning Vlog!