Even if it doesn’t register on a consious level, most people understand that housework is shit on a subconscious level and that’s because staying in one place and tidying the same items over and over again is a kind of insanity that has only just been introduced to our species in the past 10,000 years or so.

House Husbands Star Lily Jones!

Before that we ate food straight from the bone, or plucked it fresh from the tree. If any kind of crockery was used it was the leafy or barky kind. Many primitive cultures have been observed using large leaves to carry a meal, we used what nature offered and when we were finished we gave it back to her with a flick of the wrist. No cleaning up, no clutter, nothing to carry around, no storage required and nothing keeping us anchored to the one filthafying space. We could just move on! We were wandering tribes following the herd! It was ace.

That’s the realisation that came to me as I watched House Husbands star Lily Jones perform in one of her most compelling on-screen performances to date.

Kids are a more pure form of human and Lily’s instinct in this Housework Time-Saving vlog makes it clear to me that accumulating large houses and filling them with objects that require most of our time to maintain is very anti-human and the reason most of us are on drugs.

I noticed four other things of great significance:

1) Lily Jones is a compelling personality and her career will be something to watch.

2) Her sister Annie, is also very talented. She asked if she could be in a video with RD as well and how could I resist! Once you’ve watched Lily’s genius below, come back to point 2 to watch Annie Singing ‘Tomorrow’ (backup vocals by Reservoir Dad).

3) Maki, my youngest boy, is a dream child. He comes with me everywhere and either joins in with the strange things that happen or watches quietly, wide-eyed. I love him so much.

4) When I intro Lily in the vlog below my forefinger and thumb are stuck in a gun position. I have no idea why this happened but can only speculate that my life-long goal to be Dirty Harry was heightened by being in the presence of a real movie star.

Thanks so much to Lily for the great and fun interview (read it here if you missed it).

To all the Mums and Dads out there, please show this instructional video to your children.