Reservoir Mum has just finished watching Episode 5 of my Housework Time Saving Tips video. She’s shaking her head, wide-eyed.

‘What do you think?’ I ask, still cleaning around the kitchen, a little hyped from all the coffee.

‘You sound a bit drunk,’ she says.

‘I’m just very tired… but hey, I’m having fun!’ I say, as I chug another coffee.

‘Still, some people will just assume you’re drunk. Do you want that?’

I Play Little Games With Myself!

I shrug. ‘I do get drunk sometimes. I was drunk on Friday night when we watched the football…’

‘Yeah, but it’s Monday night now… a school night.’

‘Well, in the end I just want to be of service to people… so I guess I could flag the fact that I was sober by mentioning it in the intro somehow.’

‘Yeah, do that,’ she says, as she plays the video from the start again. ‘The other thing is…’

‘Yeah,’ I say.

‘People are really going to get an idea of how crazy you are.’

I take a moment to think on that one and after a conversation with several of my personalities say, ‘Well, I could flag that I’m not mental in the intro somehow?’

RM looks up from the MacBook, shaking her head again. ‘Nah. I think you’re stuck with that one…’

What do you think of my fun housework game? Do you listen to music to make the chores fly by? You got any tips for me? Come back next week. I have a special celebrity guest vlog ready to go!