Nova_100s_Dylan_Lewis_with_daughter_Rose_2I’m very happy to announce our Most Mentally Sexy Celebrity Dad – Dylan Lewis. You can listen to Dylan on Nova 100, Monday to Friday 9am to 12noon and watch him Saturday and Sunday mornings on Network Ten’s ‘Video Hits‘.

Over his career Dylan has chatted to some big names including Stevie Wonder, Sting, Kylie Minogue, Bjork, Boys2Men, Muse, Linkin Park, Metallica, Russell Crowe, Silverchair, Faith No More, Metallica, Oasis, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Eric Bana, and the list goes on.

Most importantly of all – and most relevant to the mentally sexy competition – Dylan is happily married to his wife Hollie and a dedicated Dad to daughter Rose.

I love Dylan’s Mentally Sexy Entry because he makes the point that Dads being involved in the domestic realm and having a hands-on role with their kids shouldn’t be such a big deal. It should be ‘the norm’. And I totally agree.

There’s a crazy cool vibe about the way the world is heading. The wheels on the family wagons, the twist tops on the containers of baby powder and the motors of the domestic vacuum cleaners are turning just a little differently because, more and more, they have the hands of men on them. And even though there are still a huge number of men trapped by limited definitions of manhood, there are more and more breaking free. And as men change, the world will change around them.

Men, women and families will benefit when certain roles are no longer assigned to, or expected of, one gender or the other; when Mum and Dad are free to negotiate their family structure around what’s best for each individual and the family as a whole.

With great role models like Dylan and the other Mentally Sexy Dads, it’s only a matter of time before it truly is ‘the norm’. Welcome aboard Dylan!

To see Dylan’s full entry visit The 2011 Most Mentally Sexy Dad Page.

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*As a celebrity Dad representing the competition Dylan is not vying for Top 5 or any of the prizes available to the other Dads.