Author: Reservoir Dad

Zen and Parenting

Zen and Parenting Despite the title of this post, I don’t actually know much about Zen except that it has something to do with Buddhism, and I’m not going to go clicking my way over to Wikipedia to become a half-arsed expert on it because I’m a time-poor parent and can’t be buggered studying anything… Oh stuff it then, here it is if you’re interested. Anyway, the conversation below contains my definition of Zen. It occurred as I pulled out a steaming hot tray of Aldi nuggets for the boys: Lewis: Daddy, what are those? Reservoir Dad: They are...

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Twenty four hours since I posted my thoughts on Buckley the puppy’s media storm and the abusive emails continue to ping at my inbox. I have to admit I did expect some fireworks from the usual suspects – Buckley’s manager and fanbase, and Jason Baker, director of PETA Asia-Pacific (who recently attacked legend Sam Neill over his brilliant advertisements on the health benefits of eating meat) and for that reason I made sure I kept the doors locked, the car hidden in the garage and the fur coat tucked away in the closet next to my hunting rifle and...

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My Backyard (The Series) and Buckley (The Injured Dog)

Buckley the dog has been all over the media for the past week. For those that haven’t heard (anyone out there?) Buckley had his ears and tail lopped off by a very disturbed and cruel individual. It’s horrible, pointless suffering and it sucks. But I have to say that I’m a bit disturbed myself by the incredible amount of attention this story has received. Just look at this one report. There have been thousands of calls, “grown men crying”, money being donated etc etc. And yesterday I received an email asking me to donate to Buckley’s scholarship fund… A...

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Click the Clock With The Cat in the Hat

Click The C(l)ock With The Cat In The Hat For a while, any animal Lewis encountered, from a stink beetle right up to an elephant, was a cat. We could be out for a walk and see a dog in the park and Lewis would shout, ‘Cat, Daddy! Wook! Cat! Cat!’ Same could occur at the Zoo if we saw a monkey or a lion or a seal. It was always good for a laugh for Reservoir Mum and I and even funny to people close by – “Aww, look at the cute little kid calling the seagull a...

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The RD Diaries – 1

Popping the Question Before we have even made it to the hotel, before the plane has even hit the tarmac in Canberra – shit, before the plane has even left the tarmac in Melbourne – I am as hot and scattered as tumbleweed in a gusty summer wind and so nervous that my every move is neurotically short and sharp and jolting, and if I had to pick my animal totem right now I’d have no choice but to pick the meerkat. Tania has been the polar opposite – cool, relaxed, turning pages in magazines, collecting luggage, strolling about the airport...

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