Author: Reservoir Dad

Harry Vaughan (Pop) 1928 – 2017

I’m keeping this brief, Pop, because I know that’s what you wanted. And I’m honoring your wishes even though I’d like to create a more worthy ‘song and dance’. You’ve always baulked public attention and avoided any kind of fuss made in your direction. I noticed right back to my late teens that you’d shy away from being in photos and videos, sometimes quite adamantly, and I’ve read some wisdom into this – a recognition, maybe, that life is impermanent and that the moment we’re in right now is the focus – but I’ve also worried that it might...

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Families Are Like Fingerprints!

It’s been a big week, even for this family. Media headlines arising from the recent study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies into stay-at-home-Dads include ‘Working Mums Putting Stay-At-Home-Dads To Shame’, ‘Stay-At-Home-Dads Do Less Housework, Childcare’ and ‘Housework Study Highlights Mr Mum Fails’. Even the AIFS’s media release itself has the dreaded ‘Mr Mum’ in its title (Australian Dads Not All ‘Mr Mums’). And I’m just like, faaark. The crazy push (or unconscious tendency) to spark gender war outrage is clearly driven by a competitive media landscape devouring likes and share and views and comments on their way...

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The Red Pill: Misogyny Free

Yesterday at an Australian screening of the documentary, The Red Pill, there was yet another protest to shut it down. The Red Pill has now been cancelled in most cinemas around Australia on the back of protesting and signature-gathering from a small group of feminists who have clearly not seen the film themselves. The media attention on the protests – highlighting unsubstantiated claims that the film is misogynist, anti-women and dismissive of rape – has damaged the reputation of the film and has turned thousands away from learning about real issues that affect men and boys. The creator of...

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