Author: Reservoir Dad

Harry Vaughan (Pop) 1928 – 2017

I’m keeping this brief, Pop, because I know that’s what you wanted. And I’m honoring your wishes even though I’d like to create a more worthy ‘song and dance’. You’ve always baulked public attention and avoided any kind of fuss made in your direction. I noticed right back to my late teens that you’d shy away from being in photos and videos, sometimes quite adamantly, and I’ve read some wisdom into this – a recognition, maybe, that life is impermanent and that the moment we’re in right now is the focus – but I’ve also worried that it might...

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Maki: Centre Stage

Happy Fifth Birthday! Maki, Five years is not long at all, really, but there’s this strange thing that happens whenever I think of you. Time fades and the years merge and even when I’m way back inside my memory, as far as I can go, or as forward into the future as I can imagine, you’re always there, an influence on everything that happened to me, on everything I’m going to do. It’s as if we’d sat in a circle backstage, you, your mother and brothers and I, flipping pages, rehearsing a play, accepting our roles in a script...

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Kindergarten Waiting Lists and Why I Love the Council Guy

We’ve received a placement offer in the mail for Maki to attend a local kindergarten next year but it’s not our first preference and so I’m feeling determined to reject it and hold out in the hope that we’ll receive an offer for our preferred kindergarten – where Maki and his brothers have been attending for the past eight years – but because I’m worried that Maki will miss out all together, I decide to ring the council to see if they can give me any info. Maki, who’s being his usual chatty sing-songy self follows me down to...

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The In-Betweens

I’m a smiling melancholic driving through the suburbs with no real destination in mind and a quick look in the rear vision mirror reminds me that I’m all by myself with six empty seats behind me and that in itself is a sign that the times are changing. Archie Lewis and Tyson are at school and I’ve just dropped barely-beyond toddler Maki at kindergarten and two full hours without kids beckons and yes, I could be cleaning the house right now or writing an article or dipping into the washing basket or macro-vacuuming the goddamn car – or all...

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The Assistant

“She held me spellbound in the night, Dancing shadows and firelight…” ~ Witchy Woman, the Eagles A really great Date Night where RM and I laid on our giant Ottoman together drinking and eating and basking in the glare of the Plasma as we watched Boy Meets Girl on Netflix, has finished with RM asleep beside me in the marital bedroom as usual, but without the usual preceding sexual crescendo, thanks to RM’s hysterical and sustained laughter. It was laughter a so contagious that I found myself drawn up into my own fits of hilarity and after ten minutes...

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